How to Renew a Damaged Passport

How to Renew a Damaged Passport?

To stay away from migration issues while voyaging abroad, keeping your identification looking great consistently is significant. You can get a visa from your country’s administration to lay out your character and identity. Your visa permits you to cross worldwide boundaries without requiring any extraordinary grants. Whether your visa has supported harm from being in or out of your ownership, it’s vital to get it recharged straightaway to keep away from issues when you enter another country.


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On the off chance that you’ve as of late harmed your visa, the regular following stage is to apply for a recharging, which should likewise be possible on the off chance that you have as of now not accessible duplicate of your introduction to the world testament. In this aide, we clarify how for recharge a harmed identification and the cycle engaged with doing as such. So you can keep voyaging uninhibitedly effortlessly.

What is a Damaged Passport?

Your identification is harmed and should be recharged. Yet, what’s the significance here, precisely? A harmed visa can frequently be reestablished — however not on the off chance that it’s hopeless. Regardless of whether your identification is repairable relies upon various elements. In the first place, you want to be aware assuming your visa has been harmed or lost. Provided that this is true, you ought to promptly contact nearby specialists and report it thusly. Then you should reach out to your closest government office/department to apply for another one.


It is vital to recall that you can’t travel universally without a substantial visa; consequently, reaching out to pertinent specialists as quickly as time permits is fundamental.

The amount Damage Qualifies For Renewal?

Assuming your identification is harmed, you should be aware in the event that it very well may be restored. A harmed identification is one that has been seriously water-harmed, torn, or considerably worn. So what qualifies as seriously water-harmed? Indeed, assuming there are at least five pages that are unusable and at least three of those pages were totally drenched with water, then it’s probable adequately extreme. Additionally, remember that assuming any piece of your image page is missing, it can’t be reestablished.

Reports Required To Renew Your Passport

To reestablish your identification, you will require confirmation of Indian citizenship and personality. At the point when you apply for a grown-up visa, you should introduce:

  • Identification application structure
  • Verification of your date of birth
  • Unique FIR report
  • Verification of address
  • Self-verified copy of the initial two and last two pages (counting the ECR/Non-ECR page) of your old identification (if accessible)

Moves toward Get a New Passport on the off chance that you have lost your identification?

Before you apply for another visa, check whether your identification is really harmed. A harmed identification doesn’t be guaranteed to mean you should apply for another one. On the off chance that your identification is truly harmed, you should follow these means for reestablishment.

Step – 1: Prepare The Necessary Documents

In the event that your visa has been harmed, you should initially submit reports demonstrating your personality and citizenship. You must set up these archives prior to applying for recharging. A birth endorsement can be utilized instead of a visa for however long it’s given by an administrative authority. You ought to likewise bring any supporting documentation, for example, a reception or marriage declaration.

Step – 2: File an FIR

Second, take your harmed visa to an Indian police headquarters and record an FIR (First Information Report). This record will give you what you really want to demonstrate that your identification was taken or lost. The following stage is to top off your identification application structure.

Step – 3: Fill Online Application Form

You should finish up an internet-based application structure. Assuming you are applying for it face to face, there will be a choice on the structure for harmed identifications. When you apply for the restoration of your identification, it will be conveyed to your location within three working days. Furthermore, in the event that your application has been acknowledged, all you really want to do is to go to a meeting with one of our delegates who will help you in restoring or supplanting it with another one.

Step – 4: Payment and Appointment Schedule

You can pay for your new identification and timetable an arrangement for additional conventions. While applying for visa recharging at any identification organization office, you ought to know about their particular hours and long periods of activity: you should go through security checks and may need to stand by in lines in any event, while managing critical applications; for that reason, it is ideal assuming you plan an arrangement.