How To Use A Snake To Unclog Drains?

The plumbing of your home is an important part of keeping it running. While the majority of people take their plumbing for granted, it’s a vital piece of equipment to have in order to keep your home functioning properly. A clogged drain can be a huge headache and cost a lot of money to get fixed. In this article, we’ll show you why and how to use a snake to unclog drains.

What is a Drain Snake?

A drain snake is a thin flexible device that resembles a piece of garden hose. It has a long hollow tube, which is meant to be inserted down a drain. Once the snake is inside the pipe, water will run through it and out of the end of the tube. As it does so, it creates a suction at the end of the snake, pulling the clog along with it. Once it gets to the clog, it pulls the clog out of the pipe and into the snake. The snake is then removed from the drain.

Nevertheless, some drains are too clogged for this technique to work, so it’s not always successful. Before the situation gets more worse call any professional plumber and if you are living in Toronto then you can also Google it for the “best Toronto Plumbers near me” or “best plumber in Toronto”. They are the right one who will take care any of your plumbing issues.

How to Use a Drain Snake to Unclog Drains?

  • Unwrap the snake so you can easily see it when you put it in the drain. Wrap it around a towel or paper bag before inserting it into the drain. This is to prevent the snake from getting dirty.
  • Insert the large end of the snake into the drain. Insert the large end of the snake into the drain, keeping the small end outside of the pipe.
  • As a result, the suction created by the snake will pull the clog along with it. As the snake pulls, it will create a “hiss” sound as it goes down the pipe. The snake will also make noise as it moves along. It will probably make noises like a “whoosh,” “gurgle,” and/or “pop” depending on the nature of the clog.  You may have to insert the snake a few times before you get to the clog. Once you find the clog, the snake will pull it out of the pipe. This process can take some time, so be patient.

Why Use a Drain Snake to Unclog Drains?

Summing up the Pros There are several reasons why drain snakes are an excellent option for removing clogs. The first reason is their simplicity. They are small and easy to carry around, so they’re convenient to use. The second reason is that they don’t require any special tools to work. The third reason is that they work very quickly. If you do not have a snake, it will take a lot of time and effort to remove a clog. Drain snakes come in various lengths and sizes, so they can handle a variety of pipe sizes.

Types of Drain Snakes

There are several types of drain snakes available for purchase. They can be found at most hardware stores. The main types are listed below:

·       Pulling Rods

Pulling rods are the simplest type of drain snake. They are made of a flexible hose with a small end and a large end. A handle is usually attached to the large end, which you use to pull the snake through the pipe. When you insert the large end into a drain and pull back on the handle, it creates the suction that pulls clogs out of the drain.

·       Flexible Snakes

Flexible snakes are another type of drain snake. They are also made of a flexible hose with a small end and a large end. Unlike pulling rods, flexible snakes have a flexible hollow tube that can bend.

·       Rigid metal snake

This type of snake is made from a solid piece of metal. It’s very rigid and has a very strong suction. It’s very effective at pulling through clogs. But it’s not very flexible, so it cannot be used in larger pipes.

·        Plastic snake

This type of snake is made from thin plastic and has a hollow tube. It’s not very flexible, so it won’t bend around bends in the pipe. However, it can be used for small drain pipes.Besides being flexible, plastic snakes are very durable. They’re inexpensive and easy to use.

·       Lined snakes

These snakes are made from flexible plastic. They have a hole in them that is lined with fiberglass. They have a stronger suction than regular plastic snakes and can withstand some bending and rough handling. But they’re also very expensive.

·       Waterproof snakes

These snakes are made from rubber or similar material. They’re waterproof and can withstand more abuse than normal snakes. They’re typically used in commercial settings where they will be subjected to harsh weather conditions, such as a warehouse, factory, or other outdoor setting.

Where to Buy a Snake?

If you decide to purchase a snake, you’ll need to buy it from a hardware store. There are several types of drain snakes available. Your best bet is to visit the hardware store and pick the type of snake that’s right for you. The main things to consider when buying a drain snake are the length of the snake and the suction power of the snake.

What should be the length of Drain Snakes?

Drain snakes come in various lengths. If you want a longer snake, you can go with a longer snake. However, you shouldn’t go with a snake that is too long, as this can cause problems. Suction Power Drain snakes also have different suction powers. Some drain snakes have a stronger suction than others. You should pick one that has the suction power you need.


You don’t have to purchase a drain snake right away. Instead, you can wait until you need one. This will allow you to make sure that you pick the right drain snake to unclog drains. Once you know what type of snake you need, you can head over to a hardware store to buy it.