How To Use UGC On Different Marketing Touch Points? – A Complete Guide

You must already be aware that user-generated content is providing a much-needed boost to marketers across the globe. However, there should be a plan around user-generated content usage to reap its full benefits, especially considering using it across multiple touchpoints. 

We have created a complete guide on the same that contains steps that are easy to implement and will serve your purpose. So let’s get on with it. But first, let’s understand UGC!

What Is User-generated content?

Virtually all brand-focused content produced by a third party, mainly customers, rather than the brand itself, is considered user-generated content. For example, text-based reviews, videos, images, blog articles, and more come under user-generated content.

Content made by other consumers is frequently more interesting because most consumers don’t trust advertising and marketing. The majority of consumers place significantly more faith in customer reviews and testimonials than they do in commercials or other marketing content, and even more so than they would place in relatives and friends. This means incorporating UGC into your marketing can improve the efficacy of your plan.

Ways To Use User-Generated Content

User-generated content has been offering brilliant benefits to people across the globe, and here is how you should use it. 

Repost On Social Media

Social media is one of the most popular ways to use UGC in marketing. Utilizing UGC, hundreds of brands have developed effective social media profiles. Due to the popularity of images and videos for this, Instagram and YouTube are the preferred social media platforms for user-generated content. Utilizing user-generated content on social media can save you time while showcasing content from your friends and followers.

The most well-known and successful use of this tactic is probably GoPro. By primarily reposting other people’s videos, they have amassed a YouTube account with millions of subscribers and billions of views. In addition, GoPro’s emphasis on exploration, extreme sports, and video footage makes them a great fit for this UGC marketing strategy.

Instagram, Airbnb has established an extremely influential account. Encourage your clients to share their experiences on social media in order to use this UGC in your marketing strategy efficiently. In addition, encourage people to use a specific hashtag to make the material easier to find.

Use In Blogs

You can also employ UGC in this situation if your blog plays a significant role in your marketing plan. There are numerous avenues for consumers or other bloggers to write about your goods or services. For example, they might write a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of their overall experience, compare comparable items they try, and write a profile of your company. Sharing this kind of UGC on your own blog is fantastic.

Use monitoring applications like Google Alerts to find this kind of content. This will notify you whenever your company name or another keyword that you specify appears online. When you come across relevant blog entries that include your company, its goods, or its services, offer guest post the article. Or, you might find posts like this one.

Make Your Advertisements More Responsive

Most of us have developed ad-blocking skills. But, even though commercials can still be useful tools for increasing brand recognition and authority, making plausible claims about a product is more difficult. Utilizing UGC in your advertising can help product claims be more believable and show social proof.

There are numerous approaches you can take. UGC comes in as wide varieties as there are kinds of ads. 


Consider adding a written or starred review to your online display advertising. For example, ad targeting can show a five-star rating to a buyer who has visited a product page.

Include a user video in a YouTube advertisement to grab customers’ attention and boost conversions.

Include In Product Or Service Pages

When viewing a product or service website, customers typically have a purchase in mind. They can be unsure of the product’s efficacy or uncertain of the operation of a specific service. Reviews can assist in removing frequent doubts, questions, or objections from customers. This is an excellent approach to incorporating UGC into marketing that can boost conversions and sales.

One of the numerous companies employing this tactic is Patagonia. They include useful information from past customers, such as the size and color the consumer purchased and the type of activity they used it for on their product sites. This clarifies any ambiguities in the evaluations’ context and responds to inquiries regarding the product’s suitability or recommended use from prospective customers.

Wrapping Up!

Very few people understand that it’s not all about using user-generated content; it’s about using it correctly. And this is why we wrote this blog that would certainly have helped you realize ways in which you can inculcate user-generated content in your marketing strategy.