How to Watch CNN On Samsung Smart Television?

The Cable News Network (CNN) is an old channel to stream multi-national news via its channel network. It is one of the channels which provides its services to its users only if the user pays for it. In short, it is a pay channel. In the United States (US), it is popular since it is the first news channel which provides overall news in ta elevisiochannelsel. 

It has around ten sibling channels that provide multi-national news for other nations apart from the US. This CNN is forty-plus years old, but it still holds a valuable place in the market. 

However, to access the CNN content from anywhere on the globe, the users must get the CNN to go app available online through a good internet connection on their smart device. 

Information on CNN

CNN has a webcast service called CNN Go. The CNN Go app acts as an OTT platform plotted for its viewers to access its services such as CNN International, CNN, HLN etc. 

Additionally, the CNN Go app provides news clips, replays of news, popular movies, HLN originals etc. which are available free of cost without the need for a subscription like other streaming application services. 

The CNN Go provides CNN services for satellite and cable TV users. And without satellite and cable TV subscriptions, the CNN services are available with free trials on Fubo TV, Youtube TV and Hulu+live TV. 

The CNN  service is available in various web-based services depending on the user’s location. Using this CNN app, the user can learn all the global news such as entertainment, politics, etc. 

Furthermore, this CNN Go app supports various intelligent devices such as Firestick, Roku, Android platforms etc. Also, Know about what channel is lifetime on direcTV 

CNN on Samsung Smart Television: 

The Samsung smart television supports the CNN Go app and is used to access the CNN services. This app makes it simpler for users to install and use on any smart device through internet connectivity. 

The instructions to launch the CNN Go app on your Samsung smart television to avail yourself of the CNN services online. 

  • Switch on your Samsung smart television. 
  • Confirm that your Samsung smart TV is connected to your internet connection, such as Wi-Fi. 
  • Now enter the Sign-in details on your Samsung smart television. 
  • Go to your Samsung TV ‘home’ option. 
  • Then in the top right corner, search for the CNN Go app. 
  • Choose the CNN Go app and then click the icon ‘install’. 
  • Finally, the CNN Go app is installed on your Samsung smart television. 

Steps for CNN Go activation on Samsung Smart Television

The following are the steps that are followed for CNN Go activation on Samsung smart TV: 

  • Open the CNN Go app on your Samsung smart television. 
  • Then, go to CNN Go app settings. 
  • Select the option ‘Activate’ on your Samsung smart television. 
  • Now get the activation code on CNN’s official website. 
  • Enter the activation code generated on the CNN Go app installed on your samsung smart TV. 
  • Further click the button ‘continue’. 
  • Finally,sign-in using your username and password in CNN Go app. 

Thus the process of activation is over successfully and you can access CNN services from your CNN Go app on the Samsung smart television.  

Other Ways to access CNN Go app services on your Samsung Smart Television

Apart from Cable TV subscription,the CNN Go app services can be accessed with substitutes such as the sling TV, Hulu TV, and Air TV which comes along with sling TV subscription.

Apart from downloading this CNNGo app directly on to your samsung smart television,you can connect external smart devices such as Chromecast, Amazon fire stick, Roku etc.  


Thus the Cable News Network (CNN) services can be accessed by its users using cable subscriptions or by installing the CNN Go app on their smart devices such as mobile phone,tablet,television etc and access the whole contents of CNN international,HLN and CNN using a good internet connection.