How You Can Watch Netflix Shows Without Internet?

Netflix is one of the major streaming platforms with over 220 million subscribed viewers. Statista says Netflix crossed 72 million subscriptions in the US and Canada in 2021. The streaming platform offers a library of shows, movies, cartoon shows, anime, Netflix exclusives, and much more. You can watch Netflix on your smart TVs, phones, laptops, and tablets. You can stream your favorite shows from all these devices anywhere you want.  

With an internet connection, you can easily access Netflix Apps or through whichever streaming device you find convenient. But what to do when you are away from WiFi and are unable to access your residential TV with a cable plan like Spectrum TV packages? Even when you are away from all these, you can still watch your favorite shows, and that too on Netflix.

In this article, you can see how you can stream shows while you are away from the internet.  

Steps for Downloading a Netflix Show 

To stream Netflix shows offline, you need to download those shows beforehand. So, before you head to anywhere where you do not have a WiFi connection, find that show and download it. The first thing you need to do is to sign in to your Netflix application. If you stream shows from, you cannot download them from there. You need to install the application if you want to stream offline. 

If you already have the application or you have downloaded it, the next step is to sign in with your login credentials. Type in your email address and then sign in to your account. On signing in, you will see five screens. Click on the profile you want to use. If that profile is locked by a password, type in the four-digit password to use your profile. 

After signing in to your profile, search for the show you want to download from the search bar. Click on the result you want to select and a preview of the introduction, a cover image, and four options will appear. These options are to play, download, list, and share. If you click on the download option from this preview, all the episodes will start to download. By clicking on the preview, you will go to the page where you have the option of downloading the whole season or separate episodes when you scroll down. If your show has multiple seasons, you can click on the season’s icon to choose from the seasons.  

Shows You Can Not Download  

On Netflix, the majority of the popular shows are downloadable and have that download icon. Yet, there are some shows you can only stream online and not download. Such shows and movies will not show you the download icon. To watch those shows, you will have to wait for a suitable WiFi connection. There are a few reasons why you cannot watch some shows offline.  

Issues With Streaming Rights  

When a show is made with the collaboration of Netflix and some other company, Netflix may not have the rights for offline streaming. When this happens, the download option may not appear on a show and you can watch it online only.  

Location-Based Restrictions  

Another reason could be your geographical location. The content you can view on your Netflix application is accessible to you because of your location. Based on your location, a movie or series you want to download may not offer the download option. So, this could be another reason why a series you downloaded before taking a flight may not play when you land. 

Subscription Cancellation and Delays in Payment 

In addition to these reasons, a very obvious issue you may face is losing access to your downloaded shows if you miss the subscription payment. The downloads on Netflix are only present in the application. You cannot access these shows if your subscription runs out. 

Factors You Should Consider Before Downloading Shows  

When you want to download shows on Netflix, it is better to check your device storage beforehand. A 45-minute HD episode of your favorite show can take up to 1.5 gigs of storage on your device. When you are running low on storage, it is better to not download the series you want to watch at a later time. And once you watched a show, the best thing is to remove it from the downloads.  

Some episodes may expire after 2 days whereas other downloads may disappear after a week from your offline library. Therefore, a better choice is to download only the episodes and series you are planning to watch soon.