Importance Of Celebrating Raksha Bandhan And Its Origin

The bond shared between brothers and sisters can never be described in simple words. The bitter-sweet affection they possess for each other understands no limits. Even if you irritate, have basic banter with each other, or annoy each other, you’d always adore each other, look after each other, guard each other, help each other, share secrets, and appreciate each other irrespective of every circumstances. Even if your brother irritates you, he is always your guard; he will defend you through any uncalled-for event; your sister might annoy you, but she’ll always help you and lead the way for you. Brothers and sisters spoil each other so much that they start assessing pampering as each other’s responsibility towards them, the sort of liberty they acquire over each other is wonderful. You both appreciate each other’s emotions and minds without having to utter a word; they stare into each other’s eyes and can scan whatever is happening inside. That’s how unique, deep-rooted, and sentimentally attached the connection between a brother and sister is. You might not convey it to your sister, or your sister not convey it to you, but each of you holds a sea of devotion and affection for each other in your souls, and that’s a universal fact. 

Online delivery outlets have made everything super simple for you; now, you don’t require to attend crowded shops and numerous market corners to buy a specific thing because the online sites are packed with better alternatives for everyone. The purchasing and gifting portion is over, but do you understand the significance of Raksha Bandhan? Do you know why it is assumed to be one of the most honorable festivities in India? And, do you know why it is assumed so unique? Well, if not, then this blog will make you learn about the significance of Raksha Bandhan.

Well-known History:

As per the studies of Hindu mythology, once Lord Krishna unintentionally got hurt, and his finger got cut because of his Sudarshan Chakra (the round weapon seen with sharp blades that he whirls around his finger), he was continuously bleeding and was in tremendous discomfort. Draupadi noticed his finger and couldn’t watch him in pain, so she ripped a piece of fabric from her saree and fastened it around Lord Krishna’s injured finger to lessen his pain and halt his bleeding. Her gesture immensely touched Lord Krishna and, in return, vowed to safeguard her from all the pessimistic vibes and evil in the universe, as he named the portion of that fabric the Raksha Sutra. After a few days, the Kauravas attempted to disgrace her in front of the whole judiciary by chancing to undress her; she kept begging Lord Krishna as, after the finger occurrence, he began assessing her as his sister. Lord Krishna appeared to shower his blessing on her and, with his divine powers, whirled the size of the saree to never-ending, the Kauravas kept dragging the saree, but it never stopped; her respect was recouped by her dearest brother Lord Krishna; he maintained his commitment to protect his sister from the immorality. That’s when the theory of Raksha Bandhan got commenced among brothers and sisters. 

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Raksha Bandhan in Current Times:

Raksha Bandhan is commemorated yearly to signify the affection, relationship, bond, familiarity, care, assistance, and preservation shared by a brother and sister. A sister knots a rakhi around her brother’s wrist and wishes for his extended and wealthy life in all the manners; in return, the brother makes her happy with gifts and gives his word to always look after her and help her in risky situations. He, too pledges to safeguard her. The whole family assembles around brothers and sisters to commemorate this incredible day packed with entertainment, cheerfulness, sweet banter, laughter, and satisfaction. You can buy rakhi gifts for your dearest sister by choosing a reputable online gift outlet.

Sisters – The Prime Supporters:

Many women don’t have brothers; rather than they have supportive sisters. In the early times, these women chose to knot the rakhi around the Godly figures and ask and pray for safety and assistance through life; many of them used to fasten it around the wrist of the other men in the family. Now, the procedures have altered; nowadays, even sisters fasten the rakhi around the wrist of one another and make the same commitments they would have chosen to make with their brother. You can send flowers to Gurgaon, Pune, Kolkata, or any other city you like.

The periods have transformed but the sentiments, particularly, and essence of this celebration have stayed the same. This day prompts us that having brothers and sisters. Undoubtedly, having a brother is not less than a blessing. It’s like having a best buddy bestowed to you by the Almighty, and you must admire it daily. You and your brother maintain a unique bond; make sure you leave no opportunity to make it stronger and commemorate it together.