Is Rideshare Insurance valuable for California people?

Rideshare insurance California is very important for drivers who have aligned their cars with ridesharing companies like Uber. If you are using your personal car for extra money with ride share California companies then you need to read this post. It is true that rideshare insurance is required by the law of CA but you shouldn’t consider this insurance as a liability rather you must know that it is quite valuable and has tons of benefits. 

Most of you might be unfamiliar with this kind of insurance. Well rideshare insurance is the insurance policy which provides coverage for cars and passengers that are using rideshare services like Careem, Uber or even LYFT. Drivers who connect with rideshare companies for extra money often think that their personal car insurance would provide coverage in case of any accidents. But this is not true, personal car insurance doesn’t cover for any losses or damages that occur while your car is on a ride with a passenger. So when you are signing up with a rideshare company you also need to sign a policy with the best ride share insurance California company.

What are the common types of rideshare car insurance policies?

For those of you who are planning on getting a rideshare insurance should first know about the different policies offered by the best rideshare insurance providers:

  1. The first most common policy is additional coverage. This type of policy is for drivers who are already getting rideshare insurance or paying for it directly to the company. Additional coverage would cover all losses that are not being included in the current plan. 
  2. Next comes hybrid rideshare insurance. This type of insurance would work best for you if you are already on a personal car insurance plan. The hybrid plan would replace your current policy so you would have to pay for a separate one.
  3. Third is the personal insurance coverage extension. This extension policy is also for drivers who are already on a personal car insurance plan. This is one of the most commonly applied policies in California.

Top two benefits of getting rideshare insurance California

There are many advantages to getting a rideshare insurance plan. Some of the top pros are mentioned here:

You’ll get third party liability coverage 

One of the pros of rideshare insurance California is that you don’t have to worry about any losses caused by third parties. If your car got into an accident because of someone else’s fault then you don’t have to pay for damages to the car nor medical bills. 

You’ll get uninsured driver’s injury coverage

A very big value of getting this kind of insurance is that you wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of damages even if the other party is not or under insured. It is very helpful especially in hit and run cases.

Getting rideshare insurance is not that difficult. You can consult different insurance providers and sign up with the one which provides the best rideshare insurance California cost!