Killnet Launches ‘Proof’ of Its Attack Against Lockheed Martin

On August 1, Lockheed Martin was allegedly targeted with a DDoS assault delivered by the pro-Russian cyberpunk group Killnet. Lockheed Martin was still doing data disaster recovery when the news released. The details came via the Moscow Times who reported Killnet’s insurance claim for obligation. 

Newsweek added that Killnet claimed to have taken Lockheed Martin worker data and endangered to share that data. There has been no word from Lockheed Martin concerning the meant strike beyond telling Newsweek it is “familiar with the reports as well as have policies and also procedures in place to alleviate cyber hazards to our business,” including that “we remain certain in the integrity of our robust, multi-layered information systems and also information safety and security.” 

Killnet is a pro-Russia group that focuses on DoS and DDoS strikes. It is thought to have been developed in March 2022, which its key inspiration is retaliation versus regarded opponents of Russia. It is thought to be in charge of politically encouraged strikes in Romania, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Norway and also Latvia– along with Eurovision 2022. It claimed responsibility for the strike versus Lithuania in late June 2022, which it claimed was in revenge for the limitations enforced by Lithuania versus Russia previously in June. Lockheed Martin generates the high movement artillery rocket system (HIMARS) given by the United States to Ukraine and also made use of to terrific result versus the Russian invading army. Lockheed Martin is as a result a natural target for pro-Russia hacking groups. 

On August 11, 2022, Killnet apparently shared a video on its Telegram team that asserts to show PII of Lockheed Martin workers. DDoS attacks are sometimes made use of to camouflage and allow information exfiltration, so the claim is within the bounds of reliability. Louise Ferrett, a risk knowledge expert at Searchlight Safety and security, has taken a look at the video clip. It comprises, she said, “what appears to be Lockheed Martin worker names, email addresses, as well as phone numbers, with images of people– presumably the staff members– overlaid.” 

Killnet likewise submitted two spread sheets with the message (equated from Russian), “For those that have absolutely nothing to do, you can email Lockheed Martin Terrorists– images and videos of the consequences of their made weapons! Let them realize what they produce and what they add to.” 

However, is not persuaded. “Cross-referencing an example of the data it does show up that they are or were genuine Lockheed workers, however that does not always validate that the company was breached,” she stated. “For example, this could be a re-hash of old or open resource data in an effort to weaken the organization as well as intimidate its employees.” 

On the one hand, Lockheed Martin has actually said nothing regarding an assault, nevermind a violation. That, nevertheless, proves nothing regardless. On the other hand, Killnet has stopped working to give undeniable proof of exfiltrated data– which once more doesn’t show anything. Without a remark from Lockheed Martin or evidence from Killnet, this is most likely to be a publicity workout from a pro-Russian hacking group than an effective assault versus Lockheed Martin.¬†
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