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Let’s Bake Delicious Photo Cake At Home

Did you ever consider it? Your pictures are edible! You can eat your images, it’s true. The newest and best method to share your images is with amazing edible memories. Your image, illustration, or logo is transformed into edible images that can be used to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes, fudge, chocolate, ice cream, fondant, and gum paste to produce mouthwatering picture-perfect treats.

Learn How To Make Photo Cakes

The frosting used in the recipe for the photo cake was spread extremely thinly over a baking sheet. Using edible inks and an inkjet printer, images are produced. Like the original photo, the images are sharp and clear. These edible pictures, which are FSSAI and Kosher-authorized, are also referred to as cake stickers, cake toppers, photo cakes, picture cakes, and icing sheets.

With edible memories, you can quickly and easily create your photo cake ideas and sweets. No prior experience is essential; anyone may do it. All of your decorating is done for you with edible images! To make stunning and professional-looking cakes and pastries, just peel and lay picture delicacies on your frosted or chocolate-covered confection.

Cake toppers, commonly referred to as frosting sheets, can be used to decorate the top of your cake. Cake toppers can also be utilized to create stunning desserts that will be the talk of the party, such as cupcakes, cookies, and brownies.

A whole sheet of edible graphics measuring 7.5′′ x 10′′, three pre-cut strips covering an 8′′–10′′ cake measuring 2.25′′ x 10, and twelve 2′′ round images for cookies and cupcakes are all available for purchase. You may completely customize edible images to the size you want and even add a personalized message.

Making lovely treats and sending online cakes to share with friends and family is fulfilling. You may share precious images in a way that has never been possible before with edible memories, and you can create amazing sweets, festive cakes, and entertaining party favors. You will be astonished at how simple it was to make and incredibly proud of your work.

Why not begin the process of creating photo cakes now that you are familiar with the specifics? We’re going to make a simple, healthy cheesecake as the cake’s base, then top it with your favorite cake photo.

Cheesecake photo magic!

Many people find it impossible to resist the allure of cheesecake. You will need the following supplies to accomplish that:

crushed graham crackers,

melted butter,

cream cheese,

white sugar,



sour cream,

vanilla extract and

all-purpose flour.

Come on, let’s bake!

1. As your cake needs to be baked thoroughly, preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. A 9-inch round pan is the next thing to look for. In this appliance, you will be baking your cake.

3. The next thing you need to do is use a medium-sized mixing bowl to begin blending the melted butter and combined graham cracker crumbs. Once the ingredients have been well combined and the mixing process is complete, begin preparing the cake base by pressing this thorough mixture onto the pan’s bottom.

4. Start blending the cream cheese and sugar in a larger basin until they form a uniform, smooth consistency. Then pour in the milk and eggs and begin completely combining those components. Finally, whisk the sour cream, vanilla extract, and all-purpose flour together until smooth. Then, pour the mixture onto the graham cracker base that has likely already hardened.

5. It’s now time to bake! Start baking the cake when the ingredients have been poured into the pan, and bake it for 70 to 90 minutes. Once the cake has finished baking, kindly allow it to cool for 5 to 6 hours inside the oven. Do this inside the oven, where the enclosed space will keep the cake from breaking. When the cake passes the clean toothpick test, only refrigerate it, and let it chill for one to two hours.

6. Only then should you remove the cake from the pan and print the edible image through the designer as a cake topper, once the cake has cooled and you are ready to serve it.

In addition to designer prints that make it simple to make cake toppers that appear polished and professional, photo fun frames come in festive designs to go with your party’s theme. The best decoration tool is designer prints made from edible images. Possibilities: polka dots, stripes, animal designs, seasonal motifs, and more. The sides and top of your cake order online or dessert are decorated with designer prints. You can make a variety of lovely and distinctive desserts by purchasing pre-cut strips or whole sheets that can be readily cut as required. There are countless options.