List of the Trendiest Artificial Plants for a Lush View of Your Abode

Have you ever wondered how much greenery could uplift the view and vibe of your space? From boosting the mood of the ambience to being a soothing sight to the eye, artificial plants are the hack to achieve that insta-worthy look for your decor. Who would say no to a greenery makeover? It’s proven that the colour green instincts our brain to release hormones that soothe us and untie the knot of long-held stress. 

Green promotes a balance in your brain that leads to decisiveness resulting in calmness. If you are a cultivation fan, go ahead with original beauties, but for those who can not, do not dishearten yourself. Artificial plants for home decor are there for you to feel included. At WoodenStreet, one can discover real-looking artificial plants that would be a convenient option to enjoy the lush beauty.

For someone who loves plants but cannot spare time for their supervision, real-life plant replicates from WoodenStreet will surprise you enough to purchase them. One can timely invest in new artificial plants to diversify your peppy artificial indoor plants collection.

Greenery inside or outside the house looks better anyhow.

Therefore, WoodenStreet brings you the list of trendiest artificial indoor plants that deserve a spot to beautify your space:

Artificial Dieffenbachia Plant in a Glass Vase

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First, come the most popular leafy plants to have indoors. Our artificial plant version of dieffenbachia comes with a statement glass vase that doubles this plant’s elegance and view quality. From decorating them on display units to placing them over your overlooked corners, there’s a lot you could do with a leafy green plant with a glass vase. It can blend to uplift the scenery of any place to decorate it. The dimension of this beauty is 4 L x 4 W x 11 H. W, explore our website to find more of such gorgeous leafy artificial potted plants with striking vases.

Artificial Ficus Bonsai Plant with a Ceramic Pot

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Second, in the list we have ficus bonsai plant, which is one of the most popular small artificial plants for living room. Our Ficus bonsai is one small yet engaging artificial plant decor to detail your decor with sophisticated elements. We have paired it with a statement ceramic pot to elevate its visual aesthetics to a more classy level. The dimensions of this beauty are 6 L x 6 W x 16 H, and you can explore more variations of artificial bonsai tree on our website. They would be a great add-on to your dressing table or any space near a mirror. This way, no eye would miss out on appreciating its beauty. 

Artificial Morning Glory Plant with Hanging Ironware Basket

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Spice up your railings with the aesthetics of blooming morning glory flowers. The rustic look of the hanging ironware basket makes the whole appeal of this artificial plant decor more earthy. It looks so realistic that one would have to touch it to confirm that it’s manufactured. One can discover this beauty in three flower colour variations, so you do not have to compromise on your choice! Glorify the ceiling beauty of your balcony or beautify your widows with such trendy artificial hanging plants available only at WoodenStreet. The dimensions of this elegance are 6 L x 6 W x 16 H, and one can assemble this piece without professional assistance. 

Artificial Peace Lily Plant in Black Pot

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The beauty of peace lilies is unmatchable. Give your space a splash of elegance and a soothing vibe of greenery with our artificial peace lily plant. The dimensions of this distinctive piece are 8 L x 8 W x 24 H; hence say bye-bye to overlooked empty corners of your house. From being a perfect side piece to your sofa to the beauty of your bare corner bedroom, one can use our artificial peace lily plant to create a peaceful and alluring corner on a budget. Explore our collection of artificial potted plants and artificial plant decor to find more of such beauties that blend with your taste and decor needs. 

Hope this list of the most trending and beauteous artificial plants for home decor helped you know which would fit best in your interior. Visit WoodenStreet’s website to dive deep into the ocean of artificial plants for home decor.