Luxury villas in quaint spots of Maharashtra

Planning a vacation? Ekostay has got you covered with luxurious villas in every stunning location of Maharashtra

Bali Villa in Alibaug

A stunning 5BHK  Alibaug villa with a  pool and a sizable, lush garden will make your stay unforgettable. A well-lit gazebo and outdoor seats are available for you to unwind or organise a great party with your loved ones. You’ll feel at ease because of the warm and endearing rustic ambiance. There is enough room in the pool at Bali Villa in Alibaug for a volleyball match and scoring goals!

Deltin Villa in Lonavala

Visit the lovely 2 BHK Ekostay Deltin Villa in Lonavala with a private pool and a lawn for leisurely activities. When you want to relax with your closest friends and family. Go outside to the terrace where you may have your morning mug of tea while admiring the beautiful mountain scenery. For an extra fee, gather your loved ones. Around a huge BBQ feast or a towering blaze in the coolness of the night. You can decide to come here and let your hair down with family, friends, or even your pet companions.

Fairview Villa in Panchgani

In Mahableshwar, there is a charming rustic home that combines old world beauty with contemporary comforts. The stunning 4BHK Ekostay Fairview Villa in Panchgani has a designated balcony space and an outside grass area that will make you feel right at home. So, Among the sights and sounds found around the villa are flowers, mountains, and the sounds of nature. A hallmark of this villa is the designated garden space with a lovely eating room set up just in the garden area. Additionally, you may take a relaxing bath in your bathtub when you do decide to go to your room.

Bougain Villa in Igatpuri

The 5BHK Ekostay Bougain Villa in Igatpuri overlooks the stunning and calm natural beauty of Maharashtra. Maharashtra’s history is a rich tapestry that is woven into many different aspects of the state. So, Welcome on board a journey that provides you with a taste of this exciting location. Complete with a private pool, a modern building, and stylish decor that give it the ideal atmosphere. You may take a nap whenever you get some alone time in any room in the house. So, Play board games or enjoy tea and chat with the people you love! You can ask for a BBQ if the weather turns frigid and you feel like cooking up a storm.

Simba Villa in Karjat

The interiors of this villa in Karjat with a private pool, showcase simple design, stunning colour, and modern furnishings, transporting you to a vacation-like atmosphere. So, It radiates grace, tranquilly, and good vibes.The house has five bedrooms. A private pool, a panoramic view of mountains, and a lot of vegetation. Since it is an EKO STAY hotel, guests can be guarantee that their accommodations will be of the highest calibre.

Oslo Villa in Wada

You will want to stay at Ekostay Oslo Villa in Wada, forever since it is tuck away in the middle of nature. And surrounded by mountains and open spaces. If you want a vacation that feels like a home away from home while yet being luxurious enough to be consider a retreat. With tasteful decor, a private pool, and a lawn that tempts you outside for a stroll. So, Definitely capture the sunrise in all its splendour and the sunsets here in this mysterious setting—they are sights not to be missed!

Pablo Villa in Pune

A 3BHK villa in Pune named Ekostay Pablo pays respect to Pune’s Deccan history with regal and colourful décor. The balcony here provides all the peace you need with views of tranquil surroundings and a lake. So, All of your meal times are set up for you, including breakfasts on the terrace. Lunches by the pool, and evenings on the verdant grounds around a campfire. You have plenty of space to laze about thanks to the mezzanine level in the living area. So, The Villas come with a caretaker for the property and home cook meals will be give at an extra price. You can decide to come here and let your hair down with family, friends, or even your pet companions.

Mount Emerald Villa

The Ekostay Mount Emerald Villa in Alibaug sits majestically tall among lush foliage. Overlooking the serene and lovely mountains of Alibaug. Take in some cocktails on the balcony or have a delicious BBQ by the pool. So, It goes without saying that Mother Nature will amuse you here. There is room for up to 12 people in this property. For an extra fee, home-cooked meals will be serve at the villa along with a groundskeeper. You can decide to come here and let your hair down with family, friends, or even your pet companions in this splendid Alibaug beach villa.

Sunshine Villa in Karjat

The 6BHK Sunshine Villa in Karjat with private pool is the stuff of summertime fantasies! White interiors that brighten gloomy winter days and keep you cool in the summer. So, An outdoor balcony that boasts of a seating area and projector for fun nights with the family is what the doctor will definitely prescribe for a good summer time. When you get to Karjat, this lovely vacation property is waiting for you.

Chestnut Villa in Khopoli

The Ekostay Chestnut Villa in Khopoli, which has splashes of colour combine with a minimalist design, is intend to spark dialogue, good feelings, and joy. Everything was create with practicality in mind and is meant to put you in the holiday mood. The 5BHK Villa’s rural vistas and private pool allow you to pause time while offering you stunning sunsets. You can decide to come here and let your hair down with family, friends, or even your pet companions.

No matter where you chose to travel, we have a bunch of  Ekostay Villas ranging from Alibaug beach villas to villas in karjat with private pool in the midst of stunning scenery to make your staycation with your loved ones memorable and hassle free!