Market size and future development trend of China’s veterinary drug industry in 2022

Veterinary drugs  refer to substances used to prevent, treat, diagnose animal diseases or purposefully regulate animal physiological functions. With the continuous acceleration of the large-scale and intensive breeding process of domestic livestock and poultry breeding industry, the risk of epidemic disease prevention and control faced by breeding enterprises and farm households continues to increase. .

Market size and future development trend of China's veterinary drug industry in 2022

1. Market size

From 2016 to 2020, the sales scale of domestic veterinary drug products increased from 47.229 billion yuan to 62.095 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 5.57%. The China Business Industry Research Institute predicts that the sales volume of my country’s veterinary drug industry will reach 77.093 billion yuan in 2022.

2. Future development trends

2.1 Changes in the pattern of the breeding industry promote the accelerated replacement of market-oriented vaccines

In recent years, the number of enterprises in the broiler breeding industry has decreased year by year, and the degree of specialization and scale has increased significantly. From the perspective of disease and epidemic prevention, large-scale farming increases the density of livestock and poultry breeding, which is more likely to bring about large-scale outbreaks of infectious diseases. Therefore, the increase in the scale of farming will promote the demand for animal health products such as vaccines and chemical drugs, and the demand for animal health products will further gather in large animal health companies. The three core competitiveness of animal health companies in the future will be management level, value-added customer solutions Program capabilities and new product development capabilities.

2.2 The marketization of the veterinary biological products industry has brought about an increase in industry concentration

With the acceleration of the marketization of the industry, large-scale farmers pay more attention to the effect of using vaccines. For small and medium-sized farmers, the demonstration effect and brand reputation in the industry have become the key to their choice. Therefore, the scale effect and brand effect of industry-leading enterprises with star products and innovation capabilities will become more and more prominent, and their market share will further increase.

2.3 The combination of production, education and research will be closer, forming a closed-loop ecosystem of R&D, production and sales

Due to the strict restrictions on the research of highly pathogenic pathogenic microorganisms in my country for a long time, most of the front-end basic research and laboratory research of veterinary biological products are undertaken by scientific research institutes, while veterinary biological products enterprises focus on industry production and application. With the increasing complexity of animal epidemics and the improvement of corporate R&D capabilities, veterinary biological products companies will gradually extend to the front-end basic R&D links based on market demand, create a closed-loop ecology of R&D, production, and sales, and improve the response to downstream farming entities. capabilities and service levels.

3. Future development prospects

3.1 Strong policy support will boost the rapid development of the industry

Animal diseases are an important constraint for my country to change from a country with a large livestock and poultry breeding industry to a strong country in the livestock and poultry breeding industry. The veterinary biological products industry has become an important guarantee for the healthy development of the industry, and it is one of the seven strategic emerging industries in my country. Biomedicine Industry focus supports sub-sectors. The state has issued a series of industrial policies to continuously improve the construction of the animal epidemic prevention system, strengthen the construction of animal epidemic prevention infrastructure, and encourage industry research and development innovation and large-scale production and application.

3.2 Changes in the downstream livestock and poultry breeding industry pattern drive the growth of vaccine demand

At present, the domestic breeding industry structure is undergoing major changes: small farmers are gradually withdrawing, the “company + farmer” breeding model has also been promoted, the market share of large-scale large-scale breeding enterprises has gradually increased, and domestic livestock and poultry breeding has become large-scale and intensive. is constantly improving. Large-scale breeding enterprises pay more attention to epidemic prevention and control, and have greater demand for high-quality vaccines, which has brought good development opportunities for veterinary biological products enterprises, especially leading enterprises in the industry.

3.3 The use of veterinary biological products to gradually replace the use of veterinary chemicals brings structural growth

In 2020, my country’s veterinary chemical drugs accounted for 73.85% of the total veterinary drug sales, higher than the global level. Veterinary chemicals are prone to residues in animals. With the improvement of people’s awareness of food safety, the tolerance of veterinary drug residues in animals is getting lower and lower. Animal vaccines, as biological products, do not produce harmful residues in livestock and poultry, and are the best choice to solve the problems of disease prevention and drug residues. Therefore, the replacement of chemical drugs by veterinary vaccines will become the development trend of the industry, and the proportion of veterinary biological products in veterinary drugs will further increase.

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