Spotify can't play current song

Methods – Why Spotify Can’t Play Current Song?

Who doesn’t like listening to music on an application that has everything? We all do! Spotify is a go-to music application for almost everyone around us. However, Spotify can’t play current song. It has massive playlists from multiple artists readily available for playback. But since it is software, there are times when you end up running in with issues where Spotify won’t play any songs.

Quite a few users have been facing issues when playing songs, especially on the desktop version of their Spotify applications. The application usually reads Spotify can’t play current song which only comes up on selective songs. These same tracks play correctly on your mobile phones.

To help resolve the issue, we have gathered some easy methods to play your song and solve the problem. 

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Why Won’t Spotify Play a Song?

Before we get into the details of why Spotify won’t play the current song and how you need to resolve those issues, it is essential to know the reason behind the error occurring. Thus, before we get into the depths of resolving the case, let’s establish a better understanding. 

  1. The Hosts File on Windows: On your laptop, multiple times, issues may occur on your host files, i.e., Spotify.
  2. Crossfade on Spotify: The Spotify won’t play issue may also occur because of the crossfade settings on the Spotify application download on your desktop. To get rid of the problem, you may have to change the Crossfade to 0. 
  3. The Offline Song Cache: Another rising issue is the offline song cache. So damages made to cache result in the Spotify can’t play current song. 
  4. Installation of Spotify: The files you download may also cause this issue when installing the application.
  5. The DNS Server: The server used on your system can result in this issue. So when you end up changing the DNS server on your device, you can eventually play any songs without interruption.

Now that you finally have an idea regarding interruption in playback let’s read further and find out how to resolve when Spotify won’t play your favorite track. 

End Note

There are different motivations behind why Spotify can’t play current song, and you are currently mindful of the circumstance. Each circumstance has arrangements, and regardless, you can follow every one of the means we have expressed above to appreciate continuous music. Remember that like each application, Spotify is additionally programming and may get debased or harmed. Evaluate every one of the arrangements above, and we are certain one of them will assist with settling your concern. You won’t see the “Spotify can’t play this at the present time” blunder message once more!