Off Beat Experiences on Rajasthan Tour

Off Beat Experiences on Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan, the colorful desert resort, Kathputlis and its palaces, has a host of features that nobody knows much about. Yes, we are in Rajasthan thinking about different places and experiences. Next time you visit one of the magnificent cities of Rajasthan, try to look beyond the imposing palaces and ancient forts, uncover the hidden stories of villages and towns in the most unique way to enjoy off beat experiences on Rajasthan tour package.

Visit Villages of Rajasthan

Hundreds of years of fascinating traditions harbor the villages of Rajasthan, many of which will be wiped out with the older generation. Summers in Rajasthan last from April to June and are particularly harsh with daytime temperatures reaching 48°C. That said, if you are planning a summer visit to Rajasthan, head to places like Mount Abu, Kumbhalgarh or Ranakpur. The weather here is pleasant and great views are offered. For other cities, early evening is ideal for walking outside in the early morning and late evening, and otherwise it is advisable to stay indoors.

Here are some amazing experiences of Rajasthan:

Rural Udaipur

If Udaipur’s Old Town is so important to you, with its open sewers and explosion of “hello madam” touts, escape to Mountain Ridge Homestay nestled on a wooded hillside away from the city. This is your gateway to the countryside of Udaipur, its breathtaking mountain views and quaint tribal villages, lovingly and tastefully built by Piers and his team. You will never see this city again with the same spectacle.

Ride on Marwari Horses

Purebred Marwari horses arrived with the Persians in Rajasthan, and their numbers are dwindling as rapidly as the wealth of the state’s royal family. Landowners still breed these horses in small villages in the Pali district and pride themselves on being great riders. Horse racing is now rare in these regions, but travelers are welcome for a rural ride. I’ve never been on horseback riding before (except as a kid in a tourist setting), but I had to wear my leg and headgear for a few minutes of a crash course, holding my reins and trotting almost like a pro!

Hot Air Balloon Jaipur

Although not very popular yet, the best way to explore the beauty of the desert towns and rustic old towns of Rajasthan is by taking a hot air balloon ride. This displays the beauty of Rajasthan in a very unique way; imagine you gliding effortlessly through the Pink City and admiring the aerial views of the great Amber Fort in Jaipur sightseeing tour package. These trips last about an hour and believe me; you will have the most invigorating experience! Now is the best time to enter your adventure mode and soar 4000 feet high into the sky and treat your eyes to some royalty! Hot air balloon trips in Pushkar are also not to be missed.