Outdoor SMD Screen and Video Wall – The Best Marketing Solution

Outdoor e-marketing is a big growth industry; As new technologies evolve, solutions become more innovative and unique, allowing organizations to select specific locations and customer types at a lower cost than incumbent marketing solutions. Can be advertised.

We’ve all seen big roadside electronic stands, and now there’s a more cost-effective solution for outdoor digital signage, namely huge display walls.

What is a video wall?

It is a large number of LEDs that are threaded together to create a 1 meter wide x 5 meter wide space with over 2300 LEDs per square meter. It provides high-resolution (life-like) colors. the benefits do not stop. In addition to providing a larger and clearer picture or video presentation, it also reduces costs.

Returning to the beginning, these diodes are located on a very versatile bracket, so they can be folded or folded, reducing storage space, which, usually in the case of concerts, allows you to integrate a thin frame screen into one. are pasted into the device’s TV using transmitters and receivers.

How to attach an led screen to a wall

The concert video wall is usually assembled for up to 4 hours for two men, and it can take up to 60 minutes to remove this wall from the box to play the test video. Savings. Instead of attaching a bulky TV to the support structure, all you have to do with a large display wall is attach the top of the flexible video wall to the top platform clamps, then attach the clamps to the sides and bottom. The tension bars at the back of the wall delimit any place.

Display wall storage.

Unlike the storage dilemma of a standard TV wall and large flat panel displays and mounting frames, the flexible wall reduces storage and transportation costs by up to 79%, as does the ability to store the screen wall in rolls or folds.

Now a large TV wall is suitable for all seasons except snow, but who wants to be outside in the cold to watch commercials?

These water- and dust-resistant solutions are competitively priced as general outdoor digital signage solutions with the added benefit that flexible video wall music performance saves on individual working time and storage and transportation costs if the object needs to be moved regularly. and the gathering will prove to be an ideal marketing tool for fairs, exhibitions, football stadiums and parties.


It is estimated that anyone using a video wall over a typical thin-frame video wall solution will save 75% of installation time, use 79% less storage space, and save 80% on transportation costs. The first investment is almost the same as the old thin-walled video wall technology, but any installer or event planner can see the potential with this product.

It uses a range of displays powered by a sophisticated computer that allows the operator to receive and display more information than with older methods. It also means faster and better decisions. These are SMD Screen display systems that do much more than just connect a switch between a computer and individual wall displays. These systems allow access to the data network and add an almost unlimited number of sources to the video wall, and as the network grows, it is only a mistake to say that there are more screens to display more information than before.