Park View City Islamabad guidelines for buying plots

Any real estate investment has basics. Park View City Islamabad has rules. These factors include the project’s location, market sentiment, flexibility and attractiveness of commercial and residential prices, approval from leading government regulatory agencies, the developer’s reputation, and project and investor security. This offers trustworthy investment options.

Park View City Islamabad has guidelines for buying and selling plots.

Check Capital Development Authority’s NOC.

Check the area’s location. Capital appreciation is the difference between your plot’s acquisition and selling price. A 100% price increase yields a 200% ROI.

Check for adjacent or under-construction projects that could effect your land’s value.

When buying plots for investment, engage a professional accountant because of income tax restrictions.

Developer confirmation:

Is the home mortgaged? If so, ask for a status update.

Organizing your legal documentation protects you and ensures you get what’s promised.

Title Deed/Registry:

Check if the property has any encumbrances, such as other owners or liens. Check power, water, etc. bills. Unpaid payments will impact your title, demarcation, etc. An agent can search the proper government office or authority for this information.

Property Report:

Your agent should give you a Property Report when buying a home. This report includes images of the property taken 3 months ago by an independent licensed surveyor registered with one of the CDA’s professional bodies.

Property reports can help you understand any current problems in or around your home that could be expensive to remedy later, and whether any potentially unsafe materials were utilized in its development.

Service Availability:

Check if your home’s services are available.

Check for power, gas, water, sewage, and phone lines. If there are insufficient utilities, don’t buy a developed property. This may take a while.

Check out local shopping centres, hospitals, schools, and colleges. This will reveal your land’s future value.

Title insurance:

Title insurance can reimburse up to 100% of the policy’s face value for physical property loss or damage.

If you’re buying a pre-existing property, you must get title insurance to protect yourself and avoid losses.

Make that the seller has paid all water, power, etc. bills for the last three months. These charges belong to the next owner and are hard to recoup from prior owners.

CDA verification:

Seller must provide CDA clearance certificate.

Ensure this document is issued at the end of the month or year. Make sure it’s stamped “Central Excise & Taxation Department” Islamabad. If the land has any approved development before 2010, you must pay 7% Capital Gain Tax when you sell it.

Many banks won’t accept unsigned paperwork unless notarized.

Examine residents’ security:

Two security guards are required. The guard or watchman should be within the building or tower, not in a security booth outside where they can’t observe all entrances.

Check for automatic gate systems, intercoms, etc. to control access. Life and property safety.

Install 24-hour turnstiles so residents can enter without showing IDs or licences to security.

To safeguard your safety, check if CCTV cameras are installed everywhere.


Park View City is a good property investment. The city’s perks and guidelines are outlined. We’ve covered park view city’s basics. Guarantees a smooth acquisition or sell. Park View City? Your experience? Please comment. Merci!