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Place Vending Machines Effectively With These 4 Tips

A vending business might be your go-to idea if you want to start a business or earn extra income. With its growing popularity, the company is profitable for the owners and efficient for the users. India is a country where the demand for vending machines is growing. When you set up a vending machine in India, the ever-growing population will set you on a profitable path even in the future. 

Correctly placing a vending machine is the perfect point to start your vending business. Below are tips to consider to place a vending machine effectively. 

Vending Machine Options

Since the vending industry is diverse, there are a variety of vending machines to explore. The type of vending machine you choose depends on the size and type of commodities you want to sell. Depending on your choice of vending machine, you must determine where you place it.

Below are some examples:

Soft Drink Vending Machines

A soft drink is the first thing that pops up in someone’s mind at the prospect of installing a vending machine. These are machines specifically meant for soft drinks. These are also great for sporting grounds, retail shops, and hotels.

Snack Vending Machines

These machines offer a variety of snacks like gums, chips, chocolates, and energy drinks. They have wide suitability from an office to a sporting ground.

Combo Vending Machines

These machines offer a combination of different commodities, mostly snacks and sodas. These are popular in amusement parks and bus parks.

Coffee and Tea Machines

You can customize these vending machines for business needs. You can place them in many areas, including office settings and hotels, where productivity and time management are key.


Vending machines are a great way to get food and drinks on the go. But they can also be a nuisance when placed in the wrong places. Putting them in a good location can be a real hack on your success with the vending machines. Like any other business, you must place a vending machine in high-traffic zones such as public transport, sports, and office areas with high traffic.

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Choosing the best location for the vending machine will fetch you profits and help you grow your business.

Laws, Permits, and Regulations

Before setting up the business, try to check the legal terms of your place. Business owners’ specialists must consider where to place their new vending machines. Register with FSSAI (Food Safety Standard Authority of India) to set up a vending machine to get things rolling.

Also, check with the building owner or manager to ensure that the vending machine location you choose is legal. If it isn’t, ensure you get the necessary permits and keep them up to date to avoid additional stress after setting up your business.

Consider The Size of The Vending Machine

Before purchasing the intended vending machine, ensure you have the exact space measurements. You save time and ensure your device is in the best possible location. If you have any concerns about the placement, the vending machine dealers are always in a position to help.

Proper placement of the vending machine will ensure you are in line with the law and make maximum sales. After getting to the right place, it’s time to visit a vending machine manufacturer and get a quality machine.