Prefabricated Metal Horse Barns: What to Consider Before Buying

Prefabricated Metal Horse Barns: What to Consider Before Buying

Horse barns are the common facilities available on farms. Barns have been core farm buildings for decades and are still used by farmers and ranchers. Because of their high functionality and versatile uses, barns are the primary choices across the USA.

Compared to conventional structures, prefab barn buildings are more valuable. From a durability and safety perspective, steel structures are way better than wooden barns.

Before buying a metal barn building for your farm, considering several factors will help you make the entire process economical and seamless.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Metal Horse Barn

Barns are generally large facilities designed to provide a comfortable environment for the horses. Some crucial factors must be considered to make the installation effortless.

Site Requirements for a Horse Barn

The area required for metal horse barns is larger than the standard barn structures. Site preparation is the most important task before starting the installation process. Several things must be considered for the location of the building installation.

Metal buildings are made of 100% rust-proof steel, but issues like continuous water pooling around the structure can cause molds and surface corrosion. It often results in damage to building paint. Placing the metal buildings on the highest point of land can help you prevent such conditions.

Ground testing and leveling are also factors that must be analyzed before planning the foundation for the steel horse barn building.

Performing multiple soil tests can help you analyze the ground type and the ability of soil to hold structure effectively. For example, soil compaction tests and dry soil tests are the most common soil tests performed before starting construction or installation.

The appropriate foundation can be prepared for the building based on the ground type and building specifications.

Size Requirements of Metal Horse Barn

Knowing building measurements is crucial before placing the final order. Without any measures, you won’t be able to select the appropriate barn size for your horses.

Prefab barn structures are available in different size standards. Besides the traditional barn buildings, you can also go for customized metal structures to design a perfect place for your horses and their feed. It will allow you to be more functional and offer more comfort to the livestock.

Metal buildings are a long-term investment; nothing will affect them for decades. So, it will be essential for you to consider the size of the steel horse barn comprising all plans.

Know the Budget Requirements

Budget is the most critical factor when making investments in properties. It can help you meet all the requirements without crossing spending limits. Pre-engineered barns are massive structures, and you must be very specific when preparing the budget.

Along with structural planning, the role of financial planning is highly critical. It will also help you manage additional expenses without any hassle.

Type of Foundation You Need

All the safety concerns related to steel barn structures are not only focused on the metal structures but also on specific requirements for the base type. Foundation provides the base on which entire structure will stand.

Stability of prefab barn buildings also depends on the foundation used for it. Concrete, ground, gravels, and asphalt are four standard base types considered for steel structures. For each base type, the foundation used is different. Here are some most common foundations types used for metal barn buildings.

Rebar Anchors

Rebar anchors are used for locations consisting of sturdy soil with minimum risk of strong winds and storms. 

Auger Anchors

For soil and dirt foundations, auger anchors are the best choice. These anchors are also known as mobile home anchors because they are mainly used for mobile steel structures.

Concrete Anchors

Concrete anchors are the most common type of anchors used in concrete foundations. It is the safest type of foundation for prefab barn buildings. Concrete anchors are fixed in the base at the time of foundation construction.

Asphalt Anchors

As per the name, asphalt anchors are fixed in the roadbed ground. Generally, this type of anchor is used for carports and garage structures.

You can prefer the appropriate foundation and anchor type for the barn structure according to your needs. Along with the structural requirements, climate conditions must be considered to select a safe foundation type for the horse; otherwise, wrong foundation selection can put your livestock at enormous risk.

Additional Features for Barn Structure

Horse barns are simple structures designed to provide comfortable housing to horses. Additional features to the prefab barn can help you create a source of income. For example, building a horse arena using a commercial barn can create many opportunities for you.

An indoor horse arena is the best for areas with adverse weather conditions. It also can be used for commercial purposes. The scope of the indoor metal barn arena can be extended to attain the opportunity of organizing tournaments and setting up a training arena.