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Prime Perks of Having a Video Animation for Product Marketing


Merchants are always looking for ways to boost their business, get their products the desirable fame, accelerate the sales cycle and make profits. All of this highly rely on marketing which is an undeniable necessity of industry each passing day. Since there is tough competition, so is the demand of consumers from sellers to prove themselves.

In this struggle, the business owners and operators try as many platforms as possible. However, sometimes they overlook mediums or ways that can be multipurpose for achievements of such purposes. Here Video Jeeves is presenting three prime perks of having a video animation for product marketing. We will discuss in detail why new or old retailers should choose video animation as their next trick for marketing. So, whether it is merchandise, a business drive, an organization drive, a budding concept, or the brand itself – animation allows achieving long and short-term goals easily.


Video Animation Works Like Word of Mouth

The ultimate resolve behind marketing a product is to let it reach maximum people in minimum effort. We see how different formats of marketing work on certain algorithms to conduct premium results. Video animation here works like a magic wand in which a single document tempts many. The individuals liking that content share it with others (friends, family, acquaintances, etc.). This effect of multiplication proves to be gigantically beneficial. Take it as an online word of mouth, allowing the commerce to be notable among a myriad of users.

Video Animation Attracts Human Beings

The brain of living creatures rules them, and it loves visuals. Humans specifically get an instant trigger through all things graphical. Even though images and signs are also visuals, the innovation in the form of animation in video format makes it superior among all visual formats. Thus, video animation serves as a body of visual communication that helps living beings understand information. It educates the spectator in a ten times more efficient manner. It let the person increase the knowledge on the product and better grasp the subject matter of video for marketing.

Search Engines Love Video Animations

Video animation gives a boost to rankings, which in turn lets more people see a product. It means more people are likely to click on the link of your web link. The highest quality, engaging and striking video content endorse the product by allowing it to position in initial results of Google. In other words, users who come across your video for product marketing on the internet & social media channels will like and share it more in contrast to a plain text post. Every time somebody shares that video, it creates a new backlink. Magic!

Video Animation- A key tool for social media marketing

Facebook loves to select video animations from the brands in order to run sponsored campaigns. Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide. The largest social media platform offers multiple ad styles including video animations. If we talk about other ad styles, we may say: pictures, GIFs, HD videos, sliders, carousel.

More, Video animation is loved by the food brands such as cookies manufactures. The companies mostly use 3D video animations to run ads on TV and social media channels. Animation are key in spicing up your social media content. Why?  There are several reasons:

  • Everyone likes the cartoonish and animated videos
  • It grabs the attention of the viewers at once since it does not contain model

The marketers rightly said that brand marketing is just a small pie of the pizza and social media is the complete pizza. Hence, if you to spice up the pizza to deliver the right taste to your audience, buyers and followers, do add animated videos in your social media content.

Furthermore, medical and educational companies utilize animated videos to aware their followers and general public with different educated and meaningful content. You must have seen a lot of animated videos about COVID-19 on social media of the brands that you follow. Every brand used animated videos in 2020 to aware of their buyers and followers about Coronavirus and precautions to take to tackle the pandemic.


Video Animation for YouTube Marketing

You must have heard about skippable ads while surfing YouTube on your desktop and mobile phone. The digital agencies ad video animation in their digital marketing mix strategies. Video animation are perfect for skippable ads on YouTube since they are catchy and influence the viewers to click the ad. Therefore, we can say that these types of videos play an important role in generating potential leads.

Video Animation for Google Ads

Since video animation are always unique and possess different content than other content types. Google loves to accept animations as sponsor ads. Brand uses video animation as banner ads on its Google Display Network and partner websites.

According to Google policy, the animated ads must be smaller or up to 150 KB if any advertisers wants to run ads on Google Display Network. More, the animated ads should be not more than 15 seconds if we consider the time length. Google allows to use multiple animated ads as a slider on GDN.

It should be surprising for you that Google also allows to run GIFs which are usually in the shape of text with a logo.


Video animation is extensively shareable and offers a marketing method to be more effective in comparison to others like texts, still images, and sound scores. The individuals liking video content for product marketing share it with others (friends, family, acquaintances, etc.). This effect of multiplication proves to be gigantically beneficial for brand and product as well. To sum up, next time you want to promote an item, service, or a campaign, choose video animation in any of the types resonating with your ideology and coming in the budget.