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Skill Up Yourself With Business Intelligence Training Courses

The business has taken a fast pace with the advent of technology. We cannot deny how much impact technology has on our present-day business. Business Intelligence (BI) being the most significant, companies worldwide use it to develop themselves and check-mate their competitors.

One of the most demanding and indispensable tools of Business Intelligence (BI) today is Tableau, which helps us to analyze data and represent it visually. Therefore, if you seek to boost your career in the business intelligence sector or you are just interested in the subject, tableau training certification can be a dream-catcher! 

What is Tableau Training Certification?

The tableau training certification is a course that will teach you the basics of Tableau. You learn to analyze raw data, create and customize interactive visualizations, participate in real-life-based projects and upgrade your skills. 

What will you learn?

In the core curriculum of Tableau training, you learn:

  • How to Install and set up Tableau on your system.
  • How to bring a data visualization solution through Bar Charts, Pie Charts, etc.
  • How to make collaborative dashboards to facilitate decision-making by using Tableau.
  • How to build up table calculations and dual-axis charts.
  • How to design time series, data hierarchies, treemaps, area charts, etc.

Another trendy Business Intelligence tool that can join the different sets of data and turn them into convincing visuals is the Microsoft Power BI. MS Excel has always been the first choice of the business industry for storing data. Its combination with MS Power BI gives astounding results. Microsoft Excel training courses with certification in Microsoft Power BI from the best institutes can help you land stellar job roles in the topmost Companies or will drive you to the highest peak in your career graph.

What is the objective of the course?

The course will equip you with complete knowledge of the data analysis tool. Starting from the basics of MS Power BI to its complex features, Microsoft Excel training courses will dive you deep into the different concepts of Power BI. Such Courses enable you to: 

  • Improve Data Integrity by data cleaning.
  • Learn to extract data and provide visuals of it.
  • Automate Excel to work better.
  • Generate Interactive Reports and Dashboards.

Pre-Requisites for MS BI Training

To enroll into MS BI training course, the followings are the must-haves: 

  • Basic to intermediate level knowledge in MS Excel.
  • Working knowledge of Data Visualization, Graphs, and Charts.
  • Practical knowledge in data modeling, data extraction, and dashboard preparation.


Which course is better, Tableau or Power BI?

Both are best in their way. Choose according to your professional requirement or personal interest. 

Is prior experience mandatory for Power BI training?

Yes, you must have practical experience in MS-Excel for the Power BI training. 

What is the duration of Tableau and Power BI courses?

Tableau Certification is a 4-day training course while, MS Power BI is a 3-day training course.


Today’s business professionals mostly prefer Business Intelligence (BI) training courses. Topmost institutes offer these courses online and will hand-held you until you become proficient.