Small Pet Products: Essential Items To Care For Your Rabbits

Whether you’re a new or a seasoned rabbit parent, here are a few fundamental small pet products you would need to guarantee their requirements are being met. This list will assist you in caring for your bunnies simpler. 

A Hutch 

First of all, your rabbit will require an appropriate home to reside in that is spacious and secure. Bunnies, for the most part, really like to reside in pairs. Therefore, you must give them enough room to hide and explore. A wooden hutch with both an outdoor space and a sheltered region will work best.


Bunnies love to be comfortable, so giving them a decent dry bed is vital. You’ll have to keep a lot of spongy materials like paper, straw without dust, and bedding hay to keep them warm, cozy and dry. For winter, keep additional provisions for insulating their hutch. 

Litter Plate and Fillings

To assist with keeping their home spic and span, a litter plate and proper filling, like, straw, paper, or wood litter, is fundamental. You should put the litter plate at a distance from their resting place and replace the filling every day.

Food And Hay 

Grass and hay should be the major portion of what they eat. Supply them constantly with at least two kinds of hay and give them a modest quantity of new greens as well as pellets made for rabbits. 

Food Bowl 

While they can forage the grass and hay from the floor of the hutch directly, a bowl must be placed for other kinds of food. You might also use a dispenser. This is mainly used for pellets or nuggets. To bring your bunnies more fun, consider a puzzle feeder or a food dispensing ball. These ones slowly release the food so that your rabbit babies don’t overfeed themselves. 

Water Bowl Or Water Bottle 

Bunnies require a steady water supply. So you’ll have to get them a water bottle that clasps to the side of their home or a bowl that’s heavy-bottomed to store it in. provide fresh water every day and check two times during freezing and very warm climate. 


Bunnies need a lot of intriguing things to keep them animated and cheerful. You should buy small pet products like platforms, plant pots, tunnels and biting sticks and keep them around their home for them to leap off, go through and stow away in.

Ending Thoughts

Lastly, you must keep the hutch as clean as you can at all times. This would incorporate cleaning litter plates and changing bedding. Also, the whole home must be wiped and cleaned with thorough care with safe cleaning products at least one time per week.