Some Common Myths About Branding You Should Not Believe

Many people are shackled to preconceived ideas or believe in myths about branding. This prevents them from realizing the benefits that branding can bring their business.

No matter how big or small your business is, branding is crucial. However, it is even more critical when you are just starting.

This article will focus on the most common myths that keep people from realizing the benefits of a brand.

Company name and logo: that’s it

First, the most common myth about branding is that your logo and company name is your brand. These two elements are vital for branding but they are not your brand.

The brand experience is what makes it unique. How do customers feel about your business? Branding refers to a series of touch points that help people recall your business beyond the logo and company name.

Advertising and branding

Advertising and branding are two different things. Your business’s brand is what you create. Advertising is how you present your brand to customers.

Both go hand in hand and complement each other. Without a strong branding strategy, you can’t make successful ad campaigns. If you are in a transport business you may want to know how to get clients for transport business.

A perfect product is enough

This myth is particularly relevant for start-ups. It is essential to have a product that appeals directly to your target audience. Without proper branding, your product won’t be as memorable and effective.

The brand experience is what makes a product/service stand out. You can use your brand experience to create emotions, ideas, and a message that resonates with customers.

Consistency is key

Flexibility is the new standard in today’s age of social media. Because they use the same approach across all social media platforms, many brands fail to connect with their customers. They have the same skin and the same messages.

Each platform is different and appeals to different audiences. LinkedIn is a good platform for a professional brand identity, while Instagram and Facebook allow you to be more casual.

Your brand is yours to control

This myth is related to the first. Because you can’t always control how your branding is managed, flexibility is essential to building a great brand.

Your consumers are the ones who shape your brand, and that is the truth. They can have a positive impact on your brand identity but they also have the potential to negatively affect it.

The marketing department is responsible for this

All of this is not just the responsibility of the marketing and advertising departments. They may be the guardians of your brand’s presentation to the public, but they are not the only ones responsible.

A strong brand is a representation of the whole organization, from front-line staff to vendors and customer service personnel.

It can be expensive and only large companies should invest in it.

One of the most common myths about branding is that it is only reserved for large corporations. This myth stems from the belief that branding is expensive.

All businesses, including startups, must have branding. Sometimes, establishing your brand is as simple as improving your approach to internal aspects of your company to improve your overall branding.


Branding is essential to the success of any business, no matter how small or large. These brand myths and truths will help you get started on your journey to a solid brand strategy. 

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