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Best Medical Universities to Study MBBS in China

Study MBBS China offers the most affordable and competitive English MBBS programs in the world. For this reason, it is one of the fastest-growing destinations for international students wishing to study medicine.

Why choose MBBS in China?

High-Quality Education with Affordable Tuition fees:

China is a world leader in modern medical science. Many medical universities rank among the world’s top 500 medical universities. Study MBBS in China programs are designed according to international standards. So it is equivalent to the western MBBS syllabus. The best thing about medical education is that it is affordable in China. Up to 70% cheaper than the west. Scholarships and grants are also available.

Fast-Entry Process:

The ease of entry into MBBS in China is unmatched in the world. Eligibility criteria are simple and students can prepare easily. International students do not need to pass entrance exams to study for MBBS. This saves time from the chaotic admissions process and intense competition. China Immigration can help you prepare the right documents.

International Recognition:

The MBBS program in China is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is listed in the International Center for Medical Education (IMD). parts of the world Here are some more reasons why international students choose to study MBBS in China, learn all about them in this article.

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Best Medical Universities to Study MBBS in China

Learn about the best medical universities in China and why the English-speaking MBBS program is unmatched. If you want to study MBBS in China, this is the best school considering its quality and international standards.

Shantou Medical University (SUMC):

One of the few schools in China offering a 5-year MBBS program, Sharjah University Medical Center (SUMC) houses the Mock Medical Centre, a state-of-the-art facility designed as a state-of-the-art hospital. Interested in the Sandhu University School of Medicine? Check out 15 Reasons to Pursue MBBS at SUMC.

Nanjing Medical University:

It is one of the best treatments in China. Nanjing Medical University has four outstanding affiliated hospitals: NMU First Affiliated Hospital, NMU Second Affiliated Hospital, Nanjing First Affiliated Hospital, and Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital. Check out the MBBS program here.

Xiamen University (XMU) College of Medicine:

It is best known for its specialized courses and rigorous hospital training. It produces highly qualified doctors and practitioners with scientific knowledge. Become Dr. Xiada by applying to the MBBS program at XMU now.

Jiangsu University College of Medicine:

It takes pride in having the best medical faculty among Chinese medical schools. With more than 300 medical faculty members, JSU College of Medicine offers clinical excellence from nine affiliated hospitals and facilities. Below are more details about the MBBS program at JSU.

Royal Medical University (CCMU):

As one of the most extensive networks of affiliated hospitals among Chinese medical schools, CMU cooperates with more than 14 hospitals in China and 20 medical schools worldwide. He is also known for advanced scientific research. in the field of medicine You can learn more about the event here.

Zhejiang University College of Medicine:

It is among the top ten medical schools in China. with flexibility and strength in medical education scientific research and clinical practice, apply for the MBBS program at Zhejiang University.

Jinzhou Medical University:

The university is accredited by the World Health Organization and graduates of the program can take the medical licensing exams offered by medical boards in countries such as MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS, etc. Event details can be found here.

Dalian Medical University:

Dalian Medical University was founded in China and is known as the most beautiful medical university in China. It is a short walk from the beach and has a natural beach. The MBBS program is accredited by the World Health Organization, lasts 6 years, and includes a 1-year internship period.

Graduates can take medical licensure exams in countries such as USMLE, MCI, PMDC, HPCSA, SCHS, etc., set by the medical board. The tuition fee is 42,000 Chinese RMB (approximately US$6,400) per year. You will be eligible if you meet the admission requirements listed below. Apply for the DMU MBBS here.

Where can I get a Chinese MBBS degree?

Which countries accept Chinese medical certificates? If you study MBBS in China and graduate with a good rank You will have a wide selection from all over the world. To obtain a surgical license You only need to pass a state-by-state health check, e.g.

  • Medical Council and Dental Council of Pakistan (PMDC).
  • Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • Saudi Committee of Health Professionals (SCHS)
  • Board of Medicine and Dentistry
  • South African Council of Medical Professions
  • Proficiency and Language Assessment Board (PLAB) in England
  • United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE)
  • A consortium of the Caribbean Medical Council (CMC).

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