Stylish Baby Travel Favourites


Travelling with a baby is sort of like travelling with a herd of elephants. You have no idea how it’s going to work, there is going to be a lot of poop and odds are someone will wind up squished under an elephant. Or a piece of baby gear. If you’re like me and you want all of the same comforts of having “your stuff” when you travel but need super smart, compact (and dare I say stylish) items I’ve got you covered. Here are my current stylish baby travel favourites. Help others who have a trip coming up and want to grab some stylish baby travel favourites by making a video on TikTok and go viral with tiktokstorm.

Cosatto Supa 

When it comes to lightweight strollers, I have to say that I think the British win. There are a ton of umbrella strollers on the market. I’ve had hands on experience with quite a few and I truly like the convenience of a lightweight stroller to use for errands and travel. The Cosatto Supa has all of the important features (plus some awesome bonus ones) and a lot of personality. If you’re looking for a stroller that stands out from the pack then you’ll enjoy their selection of prints. I personally fell in love with the Pantone inspired pop of the gender neutral Pixelate pattern.

Most importantly, the Supa has a great, smooth ride.  The wheels are well made and it turns on a dime. The handles are padded for comfort and telescope to accommodate everyone from our 5’1 nanny to 5’5″ me to my 5′ 10″ husband. The second most important function to me is the MASSIVE sunshade. Living in San Diego means a lot of sun. The Supa has by far the best sunshade I have seen on any umbrella stroller EVER. It ratchets so you can easily pull it back and has two different options of windows to peek in at your child.

There are 3 recline positions on the Supa that allow for everything from being an active observer to a passed out napping child and you can easily change the recline with one hand. Unlike many other convenience strollers, the underseat storage on the Cosatto Supa is large and accessible. I was able to shove my JuJuBe diaper bag under the seat or can easily fit my giant camera, favourite swaddles and even some sweatshirts for the rest of the family in it.

Folding the Supa is relatively easy and I love that for storage purposes it can stand on its own folded. I mean, there is even a built-in speaker so you can connect your phone or iPod and play music for your child (or yourself) . Also included are a nice rain cover, a really cozy coordinating foot muff and a clip on the cup holder. Yes, I’ve had at least 5 lightweight strollers over the years and this one takes the cake.

Guava Family Lotus Crib

So the baby is going to need to sleep somewhere, right? And if you’re staying in a hotel my goodness, the horror that is the borrowed crib! There are plenty of “portable cribs” on the market. I’ve tried a bunch of them. Some are good, some are not so good, most are HEAVY. To date, the Lotus Cribis my favourite. It combines lightweight and compact features with super high quality materials and some great extras. The Lotus Everywhere Crib weighs in at 13 lbs including the mattress, the crib itself and the bag it comes in. Unlike most other portable crib bags, this one has backpack straps. It’s not a make or break feature but certainly helpful when trying to get to your hotel room in one trip.

One feature that set the Lotus Crib apart from the pack are its zippered side which allows it to function as both a place to sleep/play and a secret hideaway for older and younger siblings to play in. The zipper is lockable from the outside so even a little Houdini won’t be able to escape when you want them safely tucked away.

I also love the optional Fun Shade. It’s a UV breathable mesh cover that provides protection from the sun for sleeping babies at the park, beach or even the backyard and it also makes for an excellent fort. It took exactly 3 seconds for Kayla to come over asking when she could go in Blake’s “baby fort” when she saw me put the cover on.

The Lotus Crib is also slightly longer and more narrow than your standard travel crib which means it won’t be outgrown as quickly. Score. And if you worry about these things like I do, you’ll like the fact that the Lotus Crib is free of flame retardants, PVC, phthalates, lead, heavy metals and is low-VOC.  It’s completely breathable and the mesh goes all the way down to the floor so you get an unobstructed view of your baby.

Ju-Ju-Be BFF Diaper Bag

I get asked where my Ju-Ju-Be bag is from all of the time and sometimes people are surprised when they find out it’s a diaper bag. Ju Ju Be really has nailed the form meets function thing with their bags. This bag has everything from insulated pockets for bottles and sippy cups to crumb vents. Yes, I said crumb vents. As are little places to let the pound of cheddar bunny crumbs and sand that plague the inside of any mother’s bag drain away and be gone. Freakin’ Genius.

Aside from coming in a ton of stylish prints, there are also a bunch of other features in Ju-Ju-Be bags which make it clear that people with children really sat down and thought about what moms want instead of just giving them what they think moms need.

Stokke Flexi Bath

There are infant baths that fit in sinks, which are awesome for the beginning. However, once your child outgrows that (and it happens in the blink of an eye) the options are huge and clunky or inflatable and annoying to inflate and deflate when you need to be able to pack it away. I really like the Stokke Flexi Bathbecause you can use it with infants if you use their infant support and it’s super fun for older babies, like Blake who can sit up without support.

The Flexi Bath folds nearly flat and is free from crevices that retain water or are hard to clean. It can easily fit into a checked bag along with plenty of other baby gear because let’s be honest, if you’re flying your days of carry on only are over. I also love that the Flexi Bath doubles as a personal little baby pool. I put a few inches of water in it, stuck Blake in a swim diaper, put the tub on the grass and let him go bananas, splashing like a crazy man. He LOVED it.

Snapper Rock Swimwear

If I’m being honest, almost anywhere we’re travelling to whether it’s grandma’s house or somewhere more exotic is going to be a sunny locale. We frequently vacation in Palm Springs and yeah, the sun is pretty intense. I made the mistake of not getting Kayla accustomed to wearing rash guards when she was really young and it’s a struggle but we’re working on it. With Blake I’m just going for it from the start.

I love this super cute sunsuit from Snapperrock. They’re an Australian brand (seriously who knows more about the need for sun protection than Australians?) and make adorable UV50 swimwear for kids. The zipper on Blake’s sunsuit makes it really easy to put on and take off. They come in short sleeve and long sleeve versions and there are plenty of choices for older kids as well.

Like this older kid…who is actually now learning to like her “over cover” I seriously don’t care what she calls this swim shirt  so long as it means she’s better protected from the sun.