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Top 10 Super Effective Webinar Ideas With Examples

Everyone needs some guidance and examples of different success stories to make the webinar platform better. Furthermore, you will need the right idea to achieve success in your webinars and conduct more ease and convenient practices and formats for your event. Your online events can not have the right audience if you do not add the right ingredients.

Hence, here is a comprehensive list of ideas that can be helpful in hosting a super-effective webinar in 2022.

1. The How-To Webinar

You can create a better audience experience if you have a formal session to answer all their questions. Hence, the best webinar platform experts suggest going for a How-to webinar. You can choose a topic throughout which your targeted audience will be interested to know a little more. So, you can start your webinar with a demonstration of how to do something, then include the attendees to raise queries about the procedure.

Example: AWeber webinar on 7 ways to write content

2. Case Study Webinar

You can take the case study of your brand to share various knowledge as well as highlight the benefits of your brand or products. The interactive webinar platforms experts suggest that a case study can be a good idea to help people solve a problem they might face. Furthermore, you can share how your brand or product achieved spectacular results by deploying specific strategies. Hence, you can host a case study webinar and share with the audience about your event a little more.

Example: An Intercom webinar on how Intercom saved 400K with support automation.

3. The Onboarding Webinar

You can host an onboarding webinar that can be a helpful idea for startups and small teams. Furthermore, you can take your new hires or partners through your software product with this online webinar. They can understand it better as they can use it in the state of a tutorial, a presentation, or even a learning aid. Hence, you can share all the dos and don’ts of your organization with the new employees as well as introduce them to all the existing employees at your company.

Example: Glassdoor’s onboarding webinar

4. Deep Dive Webinar

Many organizations launch a new product or an update on an existing product. So, you can deep dive into a sing;e topic for your webinar. The live webinar platform experts suggest just sharing information on a specific topic to create more awareness about your brand, products, brand image, and more. Hence, you can create a master class for the attendees to accomplish expertise in a single aspect.

Example: Amazon Masterclass webinar

5. Educational or Discussion Webinars

It can be effective to choose something different such as discussing economics, public policy, social awareness, and other topics. You can take a topic that can be helpful to generate awareness about the issues that affect the world. Furthermore, the live webinar software experts suggest that these webinars help you bring your brand or company into the spotlight. Also, you can include a call to action (CTA), such as donating to a cause or changing your lifestyle.

Example: TEDx webinar

6. Current Event Webinars

You can conduct a discussion on the latest and trending events across the globe. The on-demand live streaming services experts suggest choosing a topic such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, you can share how your organization responds to this global challenge. You can make this webinar more of a discussion panel or a round table talk. Also, you can share some tips that can help others.

Example: Columbia Journalism School Webinar

7. Industry Trends Webinar

You can choose an event affecting the industry, the latest trends and updates, and more to share some tricks or hack with the help of a thought leader or a subject expert. Furthermore, the on-demand webinar experts suggest sharing such data as the audience will use it to create an insightful analysis that works as a benchmark, which most of them would prefer. Hence, they will use it to work better.

Example: Gary Vaynerchuk Webinar on digital trends in 2021

8. Virtual Product Launch

The online webinar services suggest replicating an in-person event with virtual technology. Host a virtual product launch and take it via the webinar. Furthermore, instead of trying to do the best, just try to create an experience that would only be possible online. So, just take your event online and air it on a webinar to change your experience a little.

Example: Google launched a flagship series phone, the Pixel 5, as well as new Chromecasts and Nest Audio smart speakers

9. A Behind the Scenes Livestream

You must have seen various attendees across the globe to know the character of the celeb. Users are always interested to know what they do, how they do it, and how they are in real life. Furthermore, you can use behind-the-scenes clips to create a better connection. The online webinar services experts always share examples of films. For instance, everyone sits for 5 to 10 minutes extra to see the making clips of the movies if the director shares with them. Hence, you can do the same.

Example: Behind-the-scenes video by Kim Kardashian during the MET Gala

10. Corporate Communications or Town Hall Webinars

You can take your town hall via a webinar online. All the C-suite or top executives will share plans and thoughts, listen to grievances, and more. Furthermore, public officials and industry leaders can also hold a town hall webinar to discuss policy across the nation. Hence, you can have a corporate town hall webinar within your organization. Conducting a webinar can be a good way to interact with your organization’s employees.

Example: MSNBC town hall on vaccinating America

So, what are you waiting for? Take your webinar online with the best ideas. Above are the various super compelling webinar ideas with examples that can help you become successful in your event. Furthermore, the most popular webinar platforms can make it easy for you and offer tremendous value to your event.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in knowing various super convincing ideas with examples.