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Tackling Nervousness While Speaking in English to Ace the PTE Exam

It is quite disheartening to find nervousness as the barrier between you and your dream of speaking in English like a pro even after working very hard for it. Candidates who appear for the PTE exam have to face some questions that check their proficiency in speaking English. Those who struggle to speak in English due to nervousness find these questions quite tough and fear gaining poor scores in the PTE. Note that this is true that you need to work on your every skill in order to ace the English proficiency assessment tests. Therefore, to ace the PTE exam, make sure to work on each skill. However, through this article, we will help you elevate your proficiency in English speaking skills.

You have to understand that to ace communication in the English language, one must focus on improving one’s English speaking and listening skills equally. Without having excellent English listening skills, you won’t be able to communicate in English proficiently. This article will be going to focus on leveling up your English speaking skills only.

Gaining proficiency in the English language is also the best way to tackle nervousness. Nervousness sometimes happens due to confusion in minds or may be due to incidents in the past. Don’t worry! We will help you overcome this by telling you the best tips to improve your English speaking skills. Join a reputable PTE Institute in Ludhiana to flourish in PTE exam preparations.

Let’s learn some tips to tackle nervousness while speaking in English to ace the PTE exam:


Well, the mirror in your room can be your best friend and listen to your conversation for the entire day without getting tired. We are not talking about the one that Snow White’s enemy had. In fact, your reflection in the mirror is going to help you assume as if you are talking to another person. Stand in front of the mirror to discuss a topic that you have already decided on. Make sentences in English right on the spot to boost your confidence in quick sentence formation. Day by day, your proficiency in English speaking skills will heighten.

Note that if your friend is also interested in speaking English as well as you. Then, you can also converse with him to polish your skills. This tactic will help both of you in polishing your English speaking and listening skills.

Focus on sentence formation

Learn sentence formation with the utmost efficiency if you truly want to ace the PTE exam. Grasp a complete understanding of gerunds and infinitives, verbs, and the basic word order in the English language. Refer to the best grammar book to have a profound understanding of the English grammar rules.

Read novels to understand sentence formation through the conversations between the characters. Along with that, watch movies with subtitles to quickly understand English and observe the pattern of English sentences.

Ingrain patience

No one in the world has gained proficiency in any language with overnight practice. Even people belonging to an English background have gained proficiency in the language with the passage of time. With sincere efforts day by day, you will be able to communicate in the English language with the utmost efficiency with the people who speak English like a pro.

Apart from this, make sure to spare some time to enhance your English listening skills as well. A lack of English listening skills will never let you gain proficiency in the English language. Thus, maintain equilibrium and ace the English language. Connect with the best platform that offers the best PTE Online Coaching to ace the PTE exam.


The tips elaborated on above will help you tackle nervousness while speaking English. Note that with regular practice, you can do wonders in the PTE exam. We hope that the article has helped you find the best tactics to tackle nervousness and ace the PTE speaking section like a pro. Make sure that you are receiving the right guidance during your PTE exam preparations. This will help you do preparations from the point of view of the exam.