The best way to send links in text messages

The best way to send links in text messages

Customers enjoy receiving information quickly, therefore forward-thinking e-commerce firms are constantly looking for technologies that can meet their needs. 

One of the better methods for this is text messaging. 

In 2020, more than 2.2 trillion emails to SMS and MMS messages were sent, highlighting the fact that 75% of users favour texts above other forms of communication. 

A graph depicts the overall volume of SMS texts delivered between 2005 and 2020. 

91% of clients would like to receive business text messages now. More than 96% of marketers have benefited financially from this, and this percentage is only projected to rise. 

The advantages just keep on coming. E-commerce companies that use business texts benefit from:

Nearly all texts (98%) are read right away. 

increased conversions The typical conversion rate for text is 45%. 

improved client service Using SMS, 53% of respondents feel better about brands. 

The wonderful thing about texting is that each email to SMS may include crucial information to build stronger, even more immediate communication flows. 

Here’s where connections come into play. 

More and more online retailers are sending links via text messages to their clients to help them. This not only demonstrates to customers that your brand is useful and responsive, but it also enables you to point them in the direction of things like: 

  • Pricing details 
  • Message boards 
  • Page landings 
  • Office hours Marketing information 
  • links for registration 
  • Calendar programmes 
  • By adopting this strategy, the links you provide in text messages can serve as effective drivers.

Here are some recommended practices for sending links in text messages that can please your clients and increase your revenue. 

Which should I use, links or hyperlinks? 

It’s simple to send a link by SMS by simply copying it into your text. 

Customers utilise links and hyperlinks, two different sorts of links, on a regular basis.

Links are simple URLs that you paste into your search field. These include the URL of the website as well as, depending on the site settings, either the title of the particular page you’ll view or additional characters. 

Hyperlinks comprise underlined words or phrases that direct users to another page or application. You may get to the connected location by clicking the highlighted text. In contrast to links, a hyperlink can also be an image, a GIF, a video, or anything else that can direct users to another page. 

In summary, links only display the actual URL whereas hyperlinks offer beautifully formatted information in a variety of ways.

A hyperlink cannot presently be included in a text message. Despite how constricting this may sound, it serves as a reminder that email to SMS is all about simplicity and short information, making it a very speedy route for both you as the producer and the client as the recipient. 

However, link shorteners may be used to make links smaller and more attractive than they otherwise would be. This is especially helpful if your link has tracking tags, which may be unattractive and quite lengthy. 

What you should know before sending links in texts 

Link shortening, automation, and tracking are powerful tools that may be used to make your email to SMS channel much more lucrative over time.

Size of a message 

Before including any links, it’s crucial to keep in mind that texts have a length restriction. 

A single email to SMS message can include up to 160 characters, or 20 to 40 words. The majority of connections are between 60 and 70 characters, which reduces this by almost half. 

It’s a good notion to write concise, succinct, and direct texts. If you don’t, you could be forced to send numerous messages, which would cost twice as much as sending a single text. 

Before delivering your campaign, you may check for any character overages using the character counter provided above each text message you write.

How do short links work? 

Web links that have been shortened via a link- or URL-shortening service are referred to as short links. Shortened URLs that connect readers to the full URL are shown by short links. 

The ability to shorten URLs is useful for text messaging. On some systems, messages can only be 160 characters in particular circumstances. 

Short connections can be tracked as well. You may now calculate click-through rates thanks to this. 

What exactly are links? 

Text that has a clickable html link is a hyperlink. They are highlighted and underlined in the text. 

Can a hyperlink be included in a text message? No, SMS hyperlink text cannot yet be included in text messages. Only text in emails and on websites can be connected.

How to Use Live Links in Text Messages for Business and Organizations in 2 Ways 

These are the two methods for texting a link 

  • Include a link for SMS on your website. 
  • Publicize links to marketing or promotional content 

Include a link for SMS on your website 

Have you already started collecting email addresses and leads from your website? 

If you have a website, think about including a click-to-text SMS link button. 

People may easily initiate phone calls to your company phone number on their mobile devices using these sorts of SMS URL links. 

Href SMS click-to-text buttons: What are they? 

It is an HTML link for SMS. It often appears on a website or web page as a button, chatbot, or clickable phone number. A connection to email to SMS messages from the user’s phone is provided when they click the button.

Publicize links to marketing or promotional content

A wonderful email substitute is text message marketing. 

Compared to email, texts offer some certain advantages and benefits because email marketing is usually categorised as spam and forgotten in inboxes. 

However, you may send a link via a text message to a person’s mobile device directly using messaging. 

With the help of business text messaging providers, it’s simple to categorise your contacts, create text message broadcasts that include links, and schedule their delivery.