The Moroccan Tile Backsplash for the Kitchen is the best way to go, here’s proof

Let’s say you’re all about having a clean and white-colored kitchen however, you’d like to add an extra sprinkle of colour and a splash of pattern to make things more interesting. Let us suggest the idea of a Moroccan tiles backsplash.

In the world of kitchen backsplash ideas for kitchen backsplashes, subway tile is the most popular and we’re always looking for a change. The hint of Moroccan design might be the right thing for your kitchen. The tile designs made from ceramic as well as cement tile represent the Moorish style of decorating that is that is often seen in traditional Moroccan architecture . They offer an aesthetic with vivid colors, striking shapes and distinctive designs.

To create an eye-catching backsplash that instantly adds international flair to your dining space take a look at the following seven Moroccan tile ideas for backsplashes.

1. Make sure you match the backsplash with your cabinets.

Moroccan tile typically has an underlying color that can be seen clearly through its patterns like the dark blue in the case of this Moroccan backsplash that was designed for the kitchen by Melanie from Love & Interiors. She used a clever design technique by matching the color of the cabinetry perfectly with the tile, resulting in a harmonious appearance.

2. Fish scale tile can be used in a variety of ways.

A common shape as a common feature of Moroccan tile is the fish scale shape which happens to create an amazing (and fashionable) kitchen backsplash idea. While they may give off an ocean-like vibe that is perfect for the right beach-themed space however, this kind of moroccan tile backsplash can be used in a myriad of settings like this one designed in the style of Merichelle who is the creator of The Joneses.

3. Give your space an airy feeling.

Although the Moroccan tile backsplash is known to be vibrant but you can opt for neutral shades to create an airier and more neutral style for your kitchen. We’re obsessed with the subtle hues Jennifer Muirhead chose to create this gorgeous kitchen.

4. Pick a vibrant hue.

As you can see, geometric forms are the benchmark for Moroccan style, and vibrant colours. In the case of the the kitchen’s backsplash it’s possible to take a plunge with a bright color which will serve as a surefire way to spark conversation. This is what Justina Blakeney of Jungalow selected for this dining kitchen, and it blends perfectly with the other hues in the Orange kitchen.

5. Add a pop of color to the traditional kitchen.

Even in the kitchen you’d think traditional, a traditional and traditional, a Mexican-themed backsplash tile can be used — and perform well. With classic elements such as an granite countertops along with the navy-blue cabinets The kitchen is highlighted through Fireclay tile appears attractive and complete due to the blue and green pattern tile.

6. Make neutrals more lively.

Give your clean white surfaces and countertops and wood accessories a boost with using a bright mosaic backsplash that is Mexican in style. Magdalena of Red Poppy Vintage added some color to her otherwise neutral kitchen with this striking and vibrant design. Add more color and texture by creating a style for your open shelves with a variety of kitchen decor, accessories along with greenery Of course.

7. Create a romantic and glamorous look.

Deco design is most well-known by its geometric components, which are reminiscent of the diamond pattern that is seen within this kitchen backsplash. Kimberlee Marie Interiors complemented the gold and white mosaic tile with luxurious kitchen cabinets in green as well as brass hardware creating a luxurious kitchenette that can make us forget about its small size.