The preparation phase on how to prepare for IMU CET

Before the candidates start the preparation of IMU CET they need to be aware what the exam is all about. Basically, it is a national level entrance examination that is conduce in an online mode. By appearing and clearing this exam the students are entitled to admission in the various under graduate and post graduate courses offer by the Indian Maritime university along with the participating colleges in IMU. The admission process of the exam is going to start soon and it is better if you enrol yourself in a IMU CET training class at the earliest.

The entrance exam is conduce in 36 locations all over the country that once again is in an online mode. Due to the competitive nature of the exams the candidates need to start their preparation at the earliest. To start the preparation the candidates, need to be comprehend the exam pattern of IMU CET. They need to check out the curriculum of the exam and then select their books based on the topics asked in these exams. To make the study process easy the students need to be ready with a plan. Section- wise and course- wise tips are available, that contributes to an efficient study plan. The candidates need to study all these information in details before they start off the preparation of IMU CET exam.

There are various courses that fall under the scope of IMU CET and the syllabus of each of them tends to be different. Being a candidate, it is necessary to have an idea about the preparation tips for every course. So that they are able to develop an efficient study plan when it comes to clearing the exams.

The preparation tips for IMU CET exams for B Tech and M Tech programs

  • The question paper for B Tech exams comprises 200 questions
  • Within 180 minutes you need to complete the exams
  • The maximum marks that can be obtained in the exam is 200
  • There are going to be five sections in the exam
  • The Maths along with Physics section of the exam has to be competed in 45 minutes. Whereas English, Chemistry, General knowledge along with Aptitude needs to be complete in 28 minutes.
  • On the other hand, the question paper for M Tech exams comprises 120 questions
  • The time duration of the exam is 180 minutes
  • The maximum number of marks that can be obtained is 200.
  • The question paper of M Tech has three sections
  • Each of the section needs to be complete in 180 minutes
  • For Physics, Chemistry and Maths section it would be helpful. If candidates are able to manage their time properly while writing the exam. If the formulas are at the back of their mind, it would enable them to clear the exam easily
  • Before you go on to solve a numerical formula recollect all the formula that is to be use. A better option would be to write all of them in a piece of paper.
  • Since there is no negative marking in the exam the students need to attempt all the questions
  • For the general knowledge section keep yourself updated with the latest happenings around you
  • Develop a habit of making notes. There is no point in writing long sentences as the key is to make it brief and precise.
  • Revise each and everything that is being taught at the end of the day

The general tips along with tricks for IMU CET

It would be better if you enrol yourself at a IMU CET training centre as there are professionals. Who are there to guide you at each and every step of your education journey. But still there are a few tips and tricks that you can try at your own end to ace the exam easily

  • Be aware of the syllabus- One of the important things before you start preparing for the exam is to flip through the syllabus of CET. Knowing the syllabus helps in your phase of exam preparation. In doing so the candidates are aware about the questions that is going to be ask in these exams. They can understand which topics deserve the maximum weightage since a lot of questions will be ask from the topic.
  • Understanding the exam pattern is important- The exam pattern should be like a blue print that is to be glue in front of your eyes. Once it is understand properly the students, they can formulate a study plan with relative ease. It gives an idea to the students on which are the areas they need to churn in maximum time for solving each section. This would be of considerable help when it comes to time management.
  • A study plan is a must- Any preparation is bound to bear dividends if it is properly strategize by the students. For this reason, the candidates need to create a study plan. This is going to help them in preparing for the exam in a smooth and easy manner.
  • For a successful result time management is the key- managing the time during the exam is vital so that you are able to complete it on time. Hence it is important for the candidates to embrace the time management skills. So that they are able to complete the paper on time.
  • Making notes- Notes are of importance during the revision phase. You should make short notes everyday and make them use for revision purposes. When you are making notes avoid long and complex sentences that may confuse the examiner.
  • Appear for mock tests regularly- Till this point of time the candidates have gone on to understand the importance of regular preparation. But how are they are aware that the preparation is in the right direction. This is only possible if they appear for mock tests. You gain an idea of which are the strong and weak areas when you appear for this exam.

These are the pointers you need to keep in mind for IMU CET preparation.