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Tips on Creating Highly Converting Foundation Boxes

Women use makeup foundations to give a revamped makeover look. Foundations are the best way to cover up face skin and improve its look. Being a beauty product, foundations also needs packaging that represents them in a glamorous light. In this post, we’ll give tips on how you can leverage custom printed foundation boxes to your business’s benefit. The benefits of these boxes range from presentational and protective to convenience-driven ones.

Benefits Of Laminations & Coatings

The exterior colors and texture of custom printed foundation cosmetic boxes should be highly attention-grabbing. Also, this goes a long way in creating an impression when customers hold your foundations. Artistically embossed and debossed textures can double the premium feel and pique the interest of even makeup artists who use foundations a lot. Furthermore, coating such as reflective aqueous and glossy spot-UV to modish matte dramatically enhances the appeal of foundation packaging. Moreover, the premium feel enables your brand to command high prices for your makeup foundations. The luxurious feel build perceptions around foundations – which are that of class and high status. So, to build such customer experience by investing in textures and coatings. The extent to which you can get creative with coatings and textural works are unlimited.

Go For High-Quality Stock Materials

Now that the design elements are ready, the next important step is stock material choosing. As foundations’ plastic covering is susceptible to damages, the box’s material should be sturdy enough. From a textural point of view, the material must feel luxurious to touch. These two aspects help build a perception of high quality around your foundations. Different types of quality material can be employed, and most favorably, foundation boxes cardboard are perfect.

The types of cardboard materials ideal for plastic case cosmetic products are:

  • White Paperboard
  • Premium White Paperboard
  • Premium Metallized Paperboard
  • Natural Brown Paperboard

Size Does Matter 

Selecting the right size for custom printed foundation boxes that fit your foundation well is essential. The packaging should neither be too small nor too big – but an exact fit. Paying attention to sizing detail has different benefits such as:

  • Your cosmetic brand comes across as an entity that does not compromise quality and customer experience.
  • It saves you extra material costs and saves packaging boxes from waste.
  • The foundation will be saved from damage. So, if the box is too large, the foundation will freely slide – leading to potential leakage, breakage or cracks.


The above tips and techniques will help you build foundation boxes with cardboard that are impressively attractive. You can get as creative as you want. Get your market research started, find inspiration, and envision your own unique or inspired idea. The next step is to approach a packaging supplier that has the latest tools, techniques and expertise to manufacture such custom printed foundation boxes. And if you don’t have any idea of your own, don’t fret. An able packaging supplier will help you in ideation from scratch with fresh concepts around your cosmetic foundation’s packaging.