2d Animation

12 Top 2D Animation Trends for Businesses

The demand for 2D video animation is rapidly on the rise. People like to watch animated videos due to their colorful and catchy appeal. They are powerful and influential in impacting the audience and grabbing their noticeable attention. The attraction of animation inspires viewers to extend their stay and increase their time on site. It gives the audience an enjoyable experience and develops their interest in a video to watch it till the end.

The Internet has an abundance of 2d animation videos nowadays. It offers multiple varieties and different purposes of 2d animation videos for businesses. Every company intends to make a video to increase its online brand significance and boost its overall reputation in the market. Be it a small, medium, or large-scale enterprise organization. Videos are robust tools and powerful weapons to capture customer attention.

Videos have a quick attention span that draws the instant appeal of visitors and compels them to extend their stay on the website. The core idea of creating a video is to increase traffic and improve conversion. Every business desire to attract customers and convert them into sales. They add animations in videos to enhance their visual appeal and improve their look and feel to better impact customers and leave a lasting impression that stays with them forever.

Video making is an art, and so is marketing. It requires a combination of skills, expertise, patience, and persistence to market a video and make it accessible to a wide range of audiences worldwide. Businesses need to hire the best 2d video animation services to better promote their brands and advertise their products to customers. 

Following are the innovative 2D video animation trends that will dominate the industry in 2022.

Linear 2D Animation

It is a contemporary 2d animation trend gaining immense popularity in the industry for businesses. Linear animation gives a 360-degree angle movement of objects with a complete rotation. It shows a slow pace in the beginning and changes to fast motion at the end. The 2d animation revolves around the straight-line movement and progresses ahead from one stage to another in a sequential motion.

Kinetic Typography

Typography relates to the text. It is a technique of improving the appearance of text and stretching them to show a bold look. It includes typefaces and fonts to enlarge the size of the text to show clear visibility and enhance readability. It increases content readability and maintains ease of flow for readers to have an enjoyable visual experience. Kinetic typography is the practice of experimenting with new ideas with fonts and breaking traditional norms. It enables designers to develop an exciting and engaging display for the audience. It twists, stretches, and modifies the shape and size of words and letters to draw an appreciable and memorable appeal to customers.

Thin Line 2D Animation

A thin line animation is an exciting trend of 2d video animation that adds a distinctive style to a video. It displays thin and narrow lines that resemble hand-drawn art, and thin line animation illustrates novel shapes to enhance a mood of a visitor. It is a form of 2d animation that offers promotional and explainer activities for the startup, medium, and large-scale enterprise organizations. This stylish trend has a re-emergence in the market and provides a faster and more affordable animation option for companies to add value to their marketing campaigns.

Liquid Motion 2D Animation

Liquid Motion offers a smooth and seamless flow of animation for the viewers. It provides an attractive and impressive appeal to the customers and shows ripple movement to show a watery video transition. This animated video technique adds a stimulating effect to the viewers and gives them a realistic feel.

VR 2D Animation

VR animation stands for virtual reality animation. It is a futuristic animation idea that reflects the current gaming industry. Virtual reality is a popular term for gaming and makes users go crazy for it. People love to play VR games on their smartphones and have an interactive experience. Besides gaming, it is an ideal technique to teach mathematics and science to primary and secondary level students to have a better understanding and grasp of the subject.

Animated Logos

Logos represent the visual identity of a business. Adding 2d animation to the logos increase the beauty and charm of logo design. They portray the symbol of the organization and reveal the purpose, objective, mission, and vision of a company. Animated logos capture the core attention of customers and enhance the reputation of a business to boost brand significance and promote the products.

The Blend of 2D & 3D Animation

The year 2022 demands a mix and merge of 2d and 3d animations to give a blast to the animation industry. They combine short-length and full-length motion video trends to show a lively and vibrant appeal to the audience.

Both animations have unique characteristics that inspire viewers and catch their attention. They offer two-dimensional and three-dimensional visual content to the customers with colorful graphics and eye-catching photography to captivate the minds and senses of visitors.

Vertical Animations

Vertical animations are trending everywhere in 2022. These animations are designed for a shorter pixel screen on mobile. The era of smartphones demands original quality content to post and share on various platforms such as tablets and personal digital assistants. They can be shared on different social media channels, including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

Retro Motion Graphics

The retro motion graphics represent a blend of classic and contemporary 2d animation ideas. It uses vintage motion graphics techniques to appeal to visitors and display dynamic content. Retro animation gives a new style and adds charm to animated videos. It is a rising trend in the market nowadays and promoting businesses to take them to the next level of success.

Captivating Visual Content

In the design industry, video animation services have a terrific share of delivering quality visual content on a wide array of platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

It gives immense popularity to visual content and increases the brand significance among the mass audience. 2D animation Videos also make content viral on other video marketing platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Meta Café. These videos are also shareable on a website to increase a visual display and elevate visitors’ traffic to bring them to a site. Another better idea is to create a presentation for clients in a PDF, SlideShare, or PowerPoint format to make it appealing.

Establishing an Emotional Bond

2d and 3d animation videos create a strong emotional bond with customers. They trigger human emotions and evoke their inner sentiments to feel glad and cheerful after watching a video. Most videos are built to entertain the audience and eliminate their worries to spread smiles on their faces. Companies develop a light mood in the target audience and convince them to buy a product in a soft and persuasive tone.

Explaining the Purpose

2d animation videos are famous for explaining the core purpose to the customers. They offer a clear and thorough explanation of any business idea. 3d animation videos are fabulous marketing practices for companies to explain or describe challenging product ideas by turning them into simple concepts.

They break a single idea into small frames to create scene-by-scene steps of products to provide a clear understanding of customers. With 2d animation videos, boring ideas become interesting and challenging concepts convert into straightforward ones that even a small kid can understand.


In a nutshell, these mentioned above are innovative 2D video animation trends that will dominate the industry in 2022. The future of animation is very demanding, and it will surface on the top in the coming years. It has a current rising demand for customers and will become the most valuable trend in the future.