Top 5 Perks of Double Wide Carports

Nowadays, steel carports are common in the USA. Mostly one and two car carports are visible across the country. People who want long-lasting and rigid structures prefer steel carports to protect their cars and other belongings.

The only difference between one car and 2 car metal carport is about the width of structure. Knowing benefits of metal carports will encourage you to go for a double wide carport structure. Otherwise, all design considerations are the same for both facilities. But there are some additional benefits of two car carport over standard ones. 

Benefits of Double Wide Carports

Double wide metal carports are designed for the parking of two cars. If you are planning to buy a two-car carport structure, it is essential to know some crucial benefits of it. Some extra space is always good when it comes to buildings and sheds. Here are some critical advantages of a double carport you must consider.

Weather protection

Most overhead risks for vehicles are connected to climate conditions. Factors like UV exposure, snow, ice, hailstorms, and external debris are significant risks for your cars. Snow and ice accumulations can affect the exterior of your vehicles. Overhead protection is the primary objective of installing a metal carport structure.

Apart from all factors, the impact of UV exposure is severe on the exterior of the vehicle. It can affect the metal surface of your car and reduce the life of plastic used in the exterior of the building. Continuous sun exposure can also affect the durability of plastic used in your vehicle’s interior.

Metal carports are the best to prevent external risks for your vehicles. If you have two cars or need some extra open storage for gardening equipment, you can select a double-wide carport for your property. With a more oversized overhead shed, better protection can be attained.

Burglar Prevention

Parking your vehicle on the road and driveway is no longer safe in urban areas. There is always some risk of vandalism and theft if parked in the open. Such significant risks can’t be ignored. It is challenging for anyone to protect their cars from intruders and thieves. Purchasing a partially covered double wide carport is the perfect option you have. Vehicles can be effectively protected without messing with your house’s aesthetic.

Some advanced technology can also provide additional protection to your vehicle. A partially walled carport can protect your vehicle against theft and help prevent vandalism. Using a burglar alarm system or advanced featured locking system can enable you to keep your vehicle safe and secure. Your money will not be wasted if it is invested into 2 car carport structure.

Alternative Space of Storage

Limited storage space is a typical problem in average American house. People do not have enough space to safely store their belongings from various factors, explicitly gardening tools and equipment. Keeping valuable but large garage or gardening tools safe from weather conditions and theft risks is challenging.

You can install a Steel double carport structure on your property as a solution. A double car prefab carport can help you effectively manage and organize storage. You can park your vehicle on one side of the wide carport, and the other can be used for storage. Under the shed, you can keep all gardening equipment safe and secure from all threats.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to the enclosed structure, steel double carports are highly energy efficient. The enclosed structure has some limitations related to the accessibility of natural light and fresh air. To manage lighting and air circulation issues, dedicated systems must be installed in the facility. Installation of the temperature management system and lighting setup is an additional energy cost.

There is no requirement for artificial illumination in carport structures in the daytime. As an open structure, there is no need for any other system or illumination setup in the shed. Still, you can provide electricity to the double carport for night-time use and power the garage or gardening tools. It can help you save on energy bills and be economical.

Boost Curb Appeal

Apart from the functionality and energy efficiency of a double-wide steel carport, it should not affect your house’s curb appeal. Modern carports are not similar to traditional steel sheds. They come in different sizes, designs, and dynamic aesthetic looks. You don’t have to compromise with the curb appeal of the entire structure.

The manufacturers offer some design standards, but still, there is an option for you to customize the carport building according to your needs. Based on the theme of your house, you can effectively plan and design a double carport structure that will be installed on your property.

Easy to Clean and Operate

Cleaning and repairing is a difficult task for different building types. But it is not the same for steel carport structures. No longer do you have to spend hours cleaning the exteriors and interiors of the structure. It takes only a few minutes to clean the entire carport with the help of pressured water force and cleaning solution. Regular cleanup is enough to keep carport structures clean and well maintained.