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Tplinkrepeater Firmware Update Failure [Solved 2022]

To ensure proper and smooth functioning of TP Link WiFi extender, we suggest our users to perform tplinkrepeater firmware update process whenever available. Though TP Link WiFi extenders are set to update their firmware automatically, still they fail to auto-update the firmware. And, tplinkrepeater firmware failure may result in very big issues.
This usually happens due to poor internet. Yes, that’s correct! Poor internet is one of the main reasons behind tplinkrepeater firmware failure issue. Don’t worry! We have got you covered! Tplinkrepeater firmware update error can easily be resolved by implementing a few troubleshooting hacks. This piece of writing covers all those hacks to help you fix tplinkrepeater firmware update issue in blink of an eye.

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Fix: Tplinkrepeater Firmware Update Fail

Power Cycle Your TP Link WiFi Extender

Walk through the steps outlined underneath and know how to power cycle or restart your TP Link device:

Step1: Power off your TP Link WiFi extender. Unplug it from its respective wall outlet.
Step2: Disconnect the TP Link device from your existing router as well.
Step3: A few moments later, turn on your extender.
Step4: Connect extender or router. You can use Ethernet or wireless source for connecting the devices.

Once done, try to access tplinkrepeater login page to check whether your internet connection is working fine of not.

Relocate Your TP Link Extender

Place your TP Link device to a neat and higher area in your home. If possible, try to place it (extender) near to your existing router.
Doing so will ensure that your TP Link extender is receiving uninterrupted WiFi signals from your router and is enough to perform tplinkrepeater firmware update process.
Apart from this, you have to make sure that your TP Link WiFi extender is placed away from interference-creating WiFi devices like gaming consoles, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, etc.

Check the Internet Connectivity

For this, you have to contact your service provider. Make sure that everything is fine from his end. If you are getting weak or slow internet connection from your service provider end, you will not be able to update tplinkrepeater firmware.
So, what you have to do – simply ask him to update your internet plan. Once your internet plan get update from your ISP end, first verify the data speed by accessing tplinkrepeater login page. If it loads up quickly, then it means that your internet speed is now up to the mark and you are all set to upgrade tplinkrepeater firmware.
On the off chance if the login page takes ages to load, then simply restart your existing router once.
Anticipating that the troubleshooting hacks listed above have helped you to fix tplinkrepeater firmware update failed issue. In the event that you are still getting the same issue, reset your TP Link extender and try to manually upgrade the firmware of your TP Link device.

How to Update Extender Firmware Manually?

Go through the steps also provided below to manually update tplinkrepeater firmware:

Step1: First things first, download the latest firmware from the official site of your TP Link device.
Note: Keep in mind to download the tplinkrepeater firmware version as per the model you have.
Step2: Turn on a computer or laptop.
Step3: Launch an internet browser of your choice in it.
Step4: Access the tplinkrepeater login page.
Step5: Once you are into the extender’s login page, provide the device (extender) password, and navigate to the Firmware Upgrade page.
Step6: Click on Browse or Upload button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: Options depend upon the extender model you also have.
That’s it! You have successfully completed tplinkrepeater firmware update process. Now, you are all set to enjoy the smooth functioning of your TP Link WiFi extender along with advance features and improved security.