Rockspace Extender Keeps Disconnecting

Troubleshooting Rockspace Extender Keeps Disconnecting Issue

Are you looking for a solution to the Rockspace range extender keeps disconnecting issue? Was the extender working fine earlier but stopped suddenly? Does the extender keep disconnecting again and again? Do you see Rockspace WiFi extender red light? Whatever may the case be, this guide is going to provide you with top-rated solutions to do away with this problem.

What is Causing the Issue?

Though there can be various reasons leading to the Rockspace extender connectivity issue, we have enlisted a few common ones here. These are the most reported causes that result in the Rockspace range extender internet-related problems.

Rockspace Extender Incorrect Placement

If the device is not placed at the right location then you may experience many issues with the extender network. Check the following factors regarding the extender placement:

  • The range extender should be placed within the range of the router.
  • It should not be placed in corners or enclosed areas.
  • Place it at a higher location.
  • The Rockspace extender should be in a central location such that other devices can easily access its network.

Rockspace Disconnected from Internet

It so happens at times that the Rockspace extender gets disconnected from the main access point and we keep trying to access its network. We may also face re.rockspace.local not working issue if the extender is not connected to the internet signal. To make sure everything is fine with the network, verify these points:

  • Rockspace range extender should be receiving an optimum network from the router.
  • Ethernet cable connecting the Rockspace extender and the router should be damage-free.
  • The cable should be inserted into the respective ports properly.
  • The internet signal is stable from the ISP end.

Network Interference

There are times when signal interference affects the extender network. Keep in mind the following points here:

  • The Rockspace wireless range extender and the router are not very close to each other that their signals clash.
  • Other devices or appliances releasing the radio waves should not be placed near the Rockspace extender. Some examples of such devices are microwave ovens, baby monitors, smart TV, walkie-talkie, etc.

Signal Obstruction

Keep these things in mind in this case:

  • There are no heavy building materials like ceramic tiles, timber walls, etc in the passage of signal transfer.
  • Metal cabinets, fish tanks, etc. can also affect the internet signal.

Power Issue

Verify these points:

  • There should be a non-fluctuating power supply to the Rockspace range extender.
  • The power adapter and the wall socket should be damage-free.

These are some of the common reasons that lead to the Rockspace range extender keeps disconnecting issue. We shall now move to troubleshooting this.

Rockspace Extender Keeps Disconnecting: Fixed

By making changes as mentioned above, if the issue has not been resolved yet, then here are some deep troubleshooting tips using which you will surely be able to get rid of the Rockspace internet-related issues.

Reboot the Rockspace Extender

Remove the power supply as well as unplug all the cables connecting to the Rockspace range extender. Wait for a while and reconnect all the cables and turn the power supply on. This reboots your device and also clears minor technical hitches. If this does not fix the issue, then proceed further.

Reset the Rockspace Extender

Locate the Reset button on your Rockspace range extender and also press it. This resets the device and restores the factory settings to it. All the customized data gets deleted too. The good news is that any technical issue too gets deleted. Once the reset is completed, you can start accessing its network again only after you reconfigure it. Use to set it up and you are good to go.

We rest our write-up on how to fix the Rockspace range extender keeps disconnecting issue. We are very hopeful that these hacks proved to be useful to you.