Use Automatic Tube and Condenser Cleaning System to Improve Your Business

Use Automatic Tube and Condenser Cleaning System to Improve Your Business

A chiller is the single yet largest electricity consumer in the HVAC facilities (both industrial and commercial). To ensure smooth and hassle-free functions in the leading hotels, manufacturing units, commercial buildings, hotel chains, pharmaceutical companies, and popular hospitals, there are companies including the CET Enviro by Tsur Ben David that are offering high-quality and highly effective Automatic Condenser Cleaning System (ACCS) for chillers. Keep on reading this post to learn more about this system and its uses for businesses.

What is the Automatic Condenser Cleaning System?

An automatic Condenser Cleaning System or ACCS is nothing but an automated system used for tube cleaning in chillers and heat exchangers. It is particularly designed to keep common issues such as fouling, bioaccumulation, and rusting in the tubes at bay. In addition to this, it can keep the chillers free from various troubles to increase their lifespan.

Issues with Cooling Systems

If you have a water-based cooling system in your facility, then scaling and fouling are some problems that can occur at any time. These can reduce heat transfer and can lead to increased consumption of energy and decreased efficiency.

Apart from this, corrosion is yet another problem that can arise in the condenser. Many experts including Tsur Ben David – a leading name in the water and energy industry said that corrosion is just like cancer for a condenser tube. As time passes, this can result in tube punctures. To eliminate or prevent all these issues, you can use the ACCS. It can provide a 360-degree solution to the condenser tubes and keep them foul-free.

Why Use the ACCS?

This solution is designed to keep tubes clean. Besides, it can help a facility improve its business. How? Check out the below-listed benefits mentioned by Tsur Ben David CEO:

  • Better Efficiency

This solution can prevent the heat exchanger tubes from scaling, mud, dust, fouling, etc. Since these issues can degrade the heat exchanger’s performance if ignored or not fixed timely, the energy consumption and the overall cost can be increased at the same time. But when there is an Automatic Condenser Cleaning System, it can help you improve efficiency and save up to 30% energy.

  • Improved Lifespan of the Chillers

This system typically runs automatically and constantly to clean the condenser tubes and prevents corrosion. And when there is no fouling and corrosion in the system, it can have an extended lifespan. With zero wear and tear, it will not only work well but provide you with optimum efficiency.

  • Decreased Downtime

If you get the latest ACCS designed by CET Enviro, then they will eliminate the downtime and overall maintenance cost. Being an automated system, it can also reduce the dependability on the manual or chemical-based cleaning process.

  • Cost-Effective Water Treatment

Water treatment is the process that is needed to keep issues such as ancillary equipment’s scaling at bay. This ultimately reduces the water treatment cost by up to 50% when compared to other methods.

  • Eco-Friendliness

You may or may not know but this solution uses zero chemicals. It means ACCS is such an eco-friendly option available to keep the condenser tubes clean. Anyone who cares for nature should try out this solution at least once in their facility.

Final thoughts

When you are capable of keeping the day-to-day output reports of the chillers and utilizing the most innovative yet effective solutions such as ACCS, you will yield maximum benefits that include improved efficiency, more energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and so on. So, say goodbye to all those ‘old-day’ solutions that were based on harsh chemicals. Instead, go green and use the ACCS offered by Tsur Ben David’s CET Enviro.