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Differences Between Used and Refurbished Mobile Phones

There’s always been confusion between used and refurbished mobile phones. With such confusion, people don’t know which device they should get. That’s why today, I’m going to cover this very topic for those who plan on buying premium phones in a budget-friendly price range.

Today, we’re going to go over these topics:

  • What are used mobile phones
  • What are refurbished mobile phones
  • Differences between used and refurbished mobile phones

Let’s start by going over what both mobile phones are.

What Are Used Mobile Phones

Used mobile phones are those which have been previously owned but still function properly. They can be bought from various sources, such as carrier stores, auctions, classifieds websites, and private sellers. Used mobile phones often come with a lower price tag than their brand-new counterparts, which can help save a lot of money (especially if you’re living in Pakistan).

Many used devices are in great condition overall and come with the assurance of being tested and checked before being sold again. Another benefit of buying such devices is that you recycle them rather than throw them away. It helps the overall environment and reduces e-waste.

When considering buying a used device, it’s important to look out for certain signs of wear and tear because, with them, you can identify how roughly the device was used previously. If you’re buying such a device from an unknown person, you’re at risk of getting scammed and losing all of your money if you don’t check it out properly.

What Are Refurbished Mobile Phones

Most people get confused between a used phone and a refurbished one because they’re normally considered the one and the same. Refurbished mobile phones are pre-owned devices (just like used phones) that have gone through various processes to ensure they work properly and remain safe for use. 

Refurbishment typically involves a thorough inspection, cleaning, replacement of faulty parts, software updates, and repackaging. The end result is a device that looks and works like new but may cost significantly less than its brand-new counterpart. 

The process of refurbishing begins with a detailed inspection of the device by highly trained technicians who assess its condition and identify any repairs needed. Faulty parts are replaced, and then the phone undergoes basic maintenance, such as cleaning dust from internal components or replacing missing screws. After repairs, technicians check the phone’s performance by running diagnostics tests to make sure the device works properly. 

Once everything is said and done, they’re one of the best options that one can go for without any worry. Because it combines the best of both worlds, which are a good price and good performance. 

Differences Between Used and Refurbished Mobile Phones

If you’re a potential buyer in the smartphone market. Then knowing these key differences can help you distinguish between both devices. 

  1. Condition: In contrast to used mobile phones, refurbished mobile phones are pre-owned devices that have been thoroughly refurbished in like new condition, with all the original parts replaced or repaired.
  2. Warranty: Used mobile phones usually don’t come with a warranty, but refurbished phones usually do. This warranty will usually last for at least a few days from the purchase date.
  3. Price: Due to their condition and lack of warranty, used mobile phones typically cost much less than retail prices. You can be assured that a refurbished phone will last longer than a used model since it will have been inspected and repaired to ensure full functionality.
  4. Software: Used mobile phones may still contain software from the previous owner. While refurbished devices will come with all-new software installed when you purchase them. It ensures that no unauthorized access to personal information or data on the device has occurred in the past. 
  5. Quality: Some refurbished phones may not always be 100% like new due to wear and tear over time. They should still work as if they were brand new out of the box. On the other hand, used phones may have hardware or software issues that could cause them to malfunction. 


Overall, refurbished mobile phones are a much better option than normal second-hand mobile phones. Because they’ve been thoroughly tested and renewed. I’ve been using a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro that I bought from Wise Market Pakistan, and it’s working like a charm. The overall look and performance of the device are nothing like I’ve previously seen before. My first impression would be that it’s a brand-new smartphone.

Plus, I also bought an accessory that worked great with the smartphone. This accessory was the AirPods 3rd Generation which was released not so long ago. The battery timing of these earbuds was soo good that, at moments, I forgot to even charge the devices.

If you ask me, I’ll definitely recommend Wise Market Pakistan. Because they give some of the best smart devices that you can get on the market today.