Using Employee Tracking Software in Mobile Phlebotomy Businesses

Using Employee Tracking Software in Mobile Phlebotomy Businesses

With time, each industry is getting technically advanced, and the phlebotomy industry is not the one to stay behind. It has started offering home services requiring phlebotomists to visit customers at their homes to take their blood samples. This has raised the need to manage phlebotomists working remotely. Choosing employee tracking software will allow managers to keep tabs on the agents and ensure everything is working smoothly.

Challenges Faced By The Mobile Phlebotomy Business

Phlebotomy is a time-sensitive industry. Agents must visit customers timely, skillfully draw and manage the samples and safely deposit them in labs. As simple as it may sound, the process, in reality, is full of challenges, such as:

Time Inefficiency

The collect samples must be deposite in the testing lab promptly and safely. Delivery delays might affect the testing results, which will affect the credibility of the company. 

Unclear Tasks

Lab managers are required to manage a lot of remote phlebotomists along with clients’ requests and other managerial stuff. This can cause a lot of errors to be present if the process is manual. In addition, not communicating tasks clearly can cause several mishaps and misuse of resources.

Irregular Schedules

The whole phlebotomy industry is based on the demands of the blood tests of customers. Thus forming an effective schedule beforehand becomes pointless. And handing out tasks promptly can hamper the efficiency of the agents.

Lack of Skilled Employees

Since the job requires drawing blood and skillfully handling the samples, lab managers must assign phlebotomists with expertise. But often, they fall short of the workforce as they lack the idea of their employees’ bandwidth and presence. 

Fragmented Communication

There arises a situation while working with clients where additional information is require, and for that field, phlebotomists try to contact their in-office team or managers. Failing to connect causes them even to lose a client or not be able to deliver perfect services.

Features Offered By Employee Tracking Software

Using automation is the key to overcoming the challenges and trying to serve the clients the best possible services. Through field force tracking software, lab managers and phlebotomist can work in a much more coherent manner. 

Phlebotomist Live Tracking

The software offers a GPS tracking system through which the managers can view agents’ real-time location. This helps him in assigning more jobs in a particular area.

Delegate Jobs Remotely

Lab managers can assign tasks remotely and add, delete, or edit them accordingly. Moreover, the phlebotomists are notified of the changes in their job checklist. Not only this, but managers can even track the task status of each agent.

Automated Documentation

Documentation plays an important part in the industry. And we offer custom fields and forms that will help the agents take down important details for tests.

Integrated Medical Reports

Field force management software is compatible with other software as well. For example, it can be integrated with medical reports software, merging the database of the two software for better functioning. 

Use TrackoField To Manage your Mobile Phlebotomy Business

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The field force tracking software ensures the phlebotomy business runs as well-oiled machinery. This will surely make phlebotomists, lab managers, and customers happy, as the whole procedure will be automate and free of errors.

TrackoField is a leading field force management software that offers tools and features that help automate business operations for a better productive workforce.

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