What are the 5 best international schools in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is known around the world for its fabulous wealth and very opulent lifestyle. Its high standards of living have long attracted talented people from around the world to work and live there with their families in tow. The fact that Abu Dhabi schools, including its many secondary international schools are as good as the best in the world, allows the expat to provide some of the best education in the world. Let us look at some of the best-known ones-

The best Secondary Schools in Abu Dhabi

  1. Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi is one of the best-known international secondary schools in Abu Dhabi. It is run by the globally renowned GIIS chain of schools and boasts a cutting-edge campus as well as some of the best teachers anywhere.

It offers students an education starting from the kindergarten level right up to grade 12. The curricula followed by the school are Global Montessori Plus and CBSE. This school is extremely popular with the Indian ex-pat community living in the region. They not only like the fact that it offers the Indian CBSE syllabus, but also the fact that its students regularly get admission to some of the best colleges and universities.

Abu Dhabi International School

Abu Dhabi International School is one of the leading Abu Dhabi schools in the region and is equally popular amongst expats and locals. As regards its curriculum it follows one based on the US Common Core Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the UAE Ministry Curriculum for Arabic subjects. It also offers the students the much-in-demand International Baccalaureate program.

The school is outstanding in terms of its infrastructure and facilities. Its teachers too are out of the top drawer and make every effort to teach and mentor their children. It is not so surprising that the school is so highly thought of by all, considering the absolutely world-class education it provides its students.

American International School in Abu Dhabi

American International School in Abu Dhabi is one of the best-known international schools in the world. This is a fabulous English medium school that offers both the American and the International Baccalaureate curricula. Offering classes to students in the age group of four to eighteen years, the school has a fabulous campus and some of the best teachers anywhere. Studying at this school is a life-transforming experience for the students. What’s more the school has an excellent track record with regard to college and university placements as well.

GEMS Cambridge International School Abu Dhabi

GEMS Cambridge International School Abu Dhabi is an extremely popular international school in the region on account of the extraordinarily good education it provides to its students. Offering the British and the International Baccalaureate curricula to its students, the school is a byword for excellence, when it comes to providing a world-class education to its students. Catering to the educational needs of children in the three to 18 years age group, the school is known to help them receive the best schooling in the world. It is not, therefore, surprising that its alumni go on to achieve outstanding success in life.

Al Basma British School

Al Basma British school is one of the best-known international Abu Dhabi schools, offering the British system of education. Accepting students in the three to eighteen years age group, the school has pulled all stops in providing the most conducive atmosphere to its students to excel at both their studies and extracurricular activities. Everything from their infrastructure to their teachers is out of the top drawer and their students have a fine track record of getting admission to very prestigious colleges.


Abu Dhabi is a very rich and modern country that boasts some of the most spectacular architecture in the world. Its infrastructure is world class and its high standards of living are the envy of the world. All of its achievements are the result of the foresight of its rulers and the hard work put in by its residents-both local and foreign. In return, the Emirate gives them a great life and a fantastic future for their children. That is where the very large number of international schools play a very crucial part.  As a matter of fact the large number of schools that Abu Dhabi has make it one of the premier centres of school education in the world.

Going forward one can only expect that these Abu Dhabi schools will continue to play an outstanding role in educating the children of Abu Dhabi comprising both local and expat ones. That can only augur well for the future of the emirate and indeed the whole of the UAE. Any nation that assures that its children get the best education in the world has a great future ahead.