What are the most important facts and figures which the people must know about the police clearance attestation in India?

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

A Police Clearance Certificate is a document that is given/issued by the police authorities or by the passport office after they have deeply checked an individual’s background. The certificate is generally issued to the person who has an Indian passport. The certificate tells that the person has any criminal record, has been a part of any criminal proceedings, or has been arrested in the past. If a person has not done any offense then a clear Police Clearance Certificate is issued to him/her. 

A person can also apply for the police clearance certificate online. The police certificate can also be called a good citizen certificate, judicial record extracts, police clearance certificate, or good conduct certificate. It is very easier to get a PCC certificate as the government has made the complete procedure quick and easy.

Who issues the Police Clearance Certificate?

The PCC is mostly issued by three authorities in India:

  1. Police Station (Local)
  2. Diplomatic Mission of the country where an individual is residing
  3. Regional Passport Office (RPO)

The authorities have also opened online portals so that a person can apply for the PCC at home only and can take the certificate on the date and time when he/she gets an appointment from the above-given authorities. 

Important Fact: As India became a part of the Hague Nations in the year 2008, the need for Embassy legalization has ended and is not required for the Hague Nations.

PCC Apostille

A Police Clearance Certificate contains information on whether a person has any criminal history or not. Although, the apostille on the police certificate tells that all the information that is written on the document is true and correct. The document tells that a person does not have any criminal record till this time and does not give any surety of future events.

Now people can easily make fake documents so the Police Clearance Certificate Apostille is very advantageous. It decreases the time period of the visa as the foreign country need not have to verify the information again and again. The apostilled document lets the country know that all the track record that is given in the document is correct. 

Validity of the Police Clearance Certificate Apostille

The police clearance certificate is valid for one year in most cases but the apostilled document is valid for only 6 months. The validity of the police clearance certificate apostille also depends on the country where the document is to be sent as there are many countries that value the time of the person and accept the apostille that has crossed one year from the date of issue. So, the apostille service where you have taken the service can guide you better about the country and validity period. 

Why Police Clearance Certificate is required

A police Clearance Certificate is required in many cases as it tells the foreign country about the person’s criminal record. Let’s see in detail:

  • An individual who has applied for a “Student Visa”.
  • A person who is going abroad as a “Permanent Resident”.
  • An applicant who wants to get a “Work Visa”

So, these are the visas that required a police clearance certificate. In case you have applied for any of the above, you can fill out the PCC form online. The link is given above. 

When Police Clearance Certificate is not needed

There are cases when a person wants to go foreign country but does not require a police clearance certificate. 

  1. An individual who is going to a foreign country for a “Travel Visa or a Tourist Visa”

If a person is going for a few days as a tourist and will return after the specified time duration of the journey then PCC is not needed. 

Documents needed for the Police Clearance Certificate Apostille

There are a few documents needed for the Police Clearance Certificate Apostille, make sure that the condition of the documents is good.

  • The most important/major document that is needed is the “Original Police Clearance Certificate”
  • Copies of Passport (only front and last page are required).

Procedure for Police Clearance Certificate Apostille

 To get the Police Clearance Certificate Apostille is straightforward. Let’s begin:

  1. As the PCC is issued by the passport office so there is no requirement for the “State Attestation”.
  2. The document is directly sent for the apostille to the “Ministry of External Affairs”.
  3. In case the document is not applied for the Hague Nation then it is sent further for “Embassy Attestation”.
  4. The simplest step to document the apostille procedure is here. 

Important Fact: A person cannot send the document itself to MEA for apostille. Till 2012, the government used to accept. But after that, the documents increased so much that the MEA found it difficult to handle. So now, the apostille service sends the document to MEA. 

How much time does it take to get the Police Clearance Certificate Apostille?

The time taken for the Police Clearance Certificate Apostille depends on multiple factors such as the country where the document is to be sent, the number of documents, and also the type of document. Mostly 7-10 working days are taken for the Police Clearance Certificate Apostille.

Cost of the PCC apostille

The cost depends on the issuing authority. The fees also vary from one embassy to another so, there is no fixed cost, it depends on many factors, like the number of documents or the country. However, if a person chooses a reliable apostille service then the time period and cost can be shorter. 


As all the documents are to be sent are original for apostille service, and due to the shorter time left for visa application, a person cannot take any chance of misplacing/torn or any other issue with the document. So, it is very important to choose a service that is 100% genuine and authentic. Do not opt for cheap service as it may increase the time period of apostille and may delay the visa process. Select the best apostille service for your documents.