Best Automatic washing machines

What are The Types of Washing Machines?

One of the most important and basic electronic appliances every house should own is the washing machine. Apart from making your task of laundry easier, the automatic washing machine gently washes your intricate outfits without disrupting their quality. To perfectly suit the needs of the varied customer base, there are numerous models and types of washing machines available in the market. 

Many top brands like LG, Whirlpool, and Samsung manufacture both semi-automatic and automatic washing machines. However, you need to know the many variants or Types of Washing Machines available in the market. To pick out the best washing machine for your home. To help you gain a wide insight into the same, we have mentioned the different types of Best Automatic washing machines in this article. Keep reading to know more. 

  • Semi-automatic washing machine 

The semi-automatic washing machines are capable of processing the complete washing cycle with the help of the user. It is designed with a dual-compartment which is specially designated for washing and drying. Since both the process of washing and drying takes place separately, it requires the user’s aid. 

Once the washing cycle is complete, the user has to manually shift the washed clothes to the dryer section. Also, another additional information is that both the tubes cannot be working at a single time. One of the lucrative advantages of getting a semi-automatic washing machine is that it is cost-effective when compared to other variants. 

  • Fully automatic washing machine

When it comes to a fully automatic washing machine, there is no user input or additional aid required. The intuitive and fully optimised washing process makes it very easy and effortless for the user. Likewise, there are no separate chambers for washing and drying because it is done together by the washing machine. 

There is no hassle of shifting the washed clothes for drying between the tubs. The automatic washing machine also comprises cool features and advanced washing programs like a heavy wash, quick cycle, auto-sensor, customised timer settings, and many more. Depending on the variant you opt for, the pricing range of the washing machines will vary. 

  • Top load washing machine 

One of the best washing machines that ideally suits the requirements of both commercial and personal use is the top load washing machine. In this variant, the space to load your dirty clothes is given at the top of the machine. Here, both the washing and drying are done in a single tub. The load module is also very easy with the top load washing machine. You can simply add the left-out clothes to the machine while washing, which is not possible with the front load variant. 

The water flow regulator will be attached to the below end of the washing machine, which drains the water in an effective manner. The top load washing machine is available in both the semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machine variants. You can pick the one that suits you best. 

  • Front-load washing machine 

Front-load washing machines are also very effective as the top load washing machines and get the work done in minutes. Another attractive specialty of this variant is that it does not take up much space in your house. The horizontal build of this washing machine is quite beneficial in storing and is very space-efficient. 

The tray for cleaning powder and bleach are provided separately in this washing machine at the top area. The advanced options of the quick run allocated timer and jet washing modes are commonly available in the front load washing machines. However, the price of the front load washing machine is found to be quite high when compared to the other models. 

  • Integrated washing machines 

Another latest pitch in the market is the integrated washing machines that will make your washing schedule more optimised and hassle-free. These variants are an ideal pick for modern urban households which has a contemporary intercontinental touch. The aesthetically pleasing quality of this washing machine is another plus. 

These integrated washing machines will be attached to a cabinet or a cupboard by default which will aid greatly in storage. Although the installation process is quite technical and complex, you can always get the help of a professional to get it done. 

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