What Fitness Level and Skill You Need to Climb Aconcagua

Aconcagua is not technically challenging, but climbers still need to be physically fit. While climbing the 22,834 ft, you will experience many changes in your body due to weather and altitude. Most people prepare to endure the environment they may find during their Aconcagua Ascent.

The high winds and cold temperatures are easy to deal with since you can invest in proper clothing. However, you must train yourself to carry a weight of about 50Lb, gradually increasing height.

You can opt for mountain skills training and a physical training program at your local. You can also train at your home with the right amount of training.

How to Train for Mount Aconcagua?

Whether you are going to climb Mount Aconcagua as a stepping stone or as a fun activity, you must have an adequate level of physical and mental fitness. Aconcagua is easy to climb if your body can endure the effects of high altitude, walking, cold winds, and more. You can visit a mountain skill training center and learn a necessary skill for climbing this over 22,000 ft mountain. Some training you can do by yourself include:

  • Cardiovascular Training

You should do at least 3 cardio workouts per week. It will improve your overall fitness level of lungs and heart. You can participate in running, HIIT, rowing, cycling, and other cardio exercises.

  • Hillwalking

You can go hiking in your local forest or hill in preparation for your big expedition. You should hike at least two times a month before you leave for the Aconcagua expedition.

  • Strength and Endurance Exercise

You should be able to carry at least a 50Lb rucksack at a steady pace. Endurance exercise will help increase your physical output for several hours.

  • Interval Sessions

There will be less oxygen at high altitudes, so you should boost your ability to process more oxygen with your every breath. Lack of oxygen can result in improper blood circulation and heart failure.

  • Focus on Your Balance and Flexibility

Mountains are not straight like roads. You will need to make your body more flexible and balanced as both are necessary for mountaineering.

What Level of Fitness is Necessary to Climb Aconcagua?

Before you wonder about How to Climb Aconcagua, you should be at a high level of fitness. Not only is physical fitness essential, but a strong mentality is also needed to climb this mountain. Most climbers have different experiences than others. Some may easily climb the summit without altitude sickness or headache, while others suffer a lot during their expedition.


Aconcagua is a tough mountain; you will need to become a beast to reach its top. Most climbers plan their awesome expedition from mid-December to mid-January as climbing Mount Aconcagua is the best part of the year. For the mountain climber reaching the top feels like nothing, so if you are also a mountain lover, you should start your training now, so you can also enjoy that feeling.