Emergency Electrician

What Should You Do Before Calling Emergency Electrician?

Today, we can’t imagine living without electricity, as we are utterly dependent on electric appliances and devices, even to complete our routine chores. From electric toasters, microwaves, ovens and cook-tops to washing machines and dishwashers, to computers, televisions and smartphones, and everything in between, we need electricity to power them all. And because of the technical nature of the problem, you can’t handle electricity emergencies independently, as it may result in grave damage. Thus, a 24-hour emergency electrician is required to deal with electrical emergencies; however, there are
a few things you need to do immediately for the safety of you, your family and your property.

Ascertain the Root Cause of Electrical Emergency

Ascertaining the root cause behind an electrical emergency will help you to plan accordingly. For example: If a fire breaks out, it could be due to the burning of wood, a short circuit, or oil. Pouring water on the wood fire will end the fire. You can’t do the same with an oil fire because it would spread further and increase the level of damage. Here are some likely electrical emergencies that you need to deal with:

Electric Fire

If an electric fire breaks out, follow the below instructions without any delay to ensure the safety of you and your family:

  • Dial 000 for emergency assistance service.
  • If it is safe – unplug the appliance that causes the fire carefully as it may inflict severe issues.
  • If the intensity of the fire is small, use the fire extinguisher to extinguish it immediately.
  • While moving out of the area, switch off the mains switch in the switch box.

Electric Shock

Electric shock is an electrical emergency that necessitates an immediate response from the responder. It can lead to grave problems and even loss of life within moments. Be alert and follow the below guidelines to get acquainted with it.

  • Turn off the power supply from the switch box.
  • After you turn off the electric power, give medical assistance and first aid to the affected person.
  • Dial the local emergency center at once.

Power Lines Fall Off

Due to unpredictable weather in Australia, anything can occur. If an unexpected thing happens like the power lines fall off, be alert and take prudent action:

  • Move at least 40 meters away from the fallen power lines.
  • Refrain from touching any conductive material as it may have some electric current.
  • Refrain from touching power lines and keep others away from touching them.
  • Dial the emergency helpline for immediate assistance.

Final Words

Once you have taken care of the electrical emergency and eliminated the chances of any possible damage, call the emergency electrician in the eastern suburbs (Sydney) for a further course of action. Typically, a compromised electrical system or defective wiring is the cause behind such an emergency, which requires prompt electrical repairs; else, these emergencies might resurface.