Which Is The Best Place To Visit In Goa? | 2023 Guide

Are you planning to visit the Koh-i-Noor of the Orient? Your trip won’t be complete without Goa. Among the places most visited by tourists, Goa is right on the top rank. Goa is like a fruitcake burnt with the earthiness of the local culture, soaked in Portuguese richness and decked ornamentally with the pearls of nature’s bounty. 

This is why thousands of people from all over the world visit places to have a peaceful time with their friends. Now you might question, which is the best place to visit in Goa? Let us try to find the answer to the question here in this article.

Which Is The Best Place To Visit In Goa? 2023 Guide 

Goa is situated in the western corner of India. In terms of its size, it is the fourth-smallest state in the country. The Portuguese made the place their colony. The place is widely known to travelers for its natural beauty, consisting of bewitching beaches, man-made structures like churches, and thriving fishing culture. 

You might be a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. You might be one of the renowned property lawyers. You might also be one of the best immigration lawyers. You might also be a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer or Criminal Defense lawyer-try to take time and plan a Goa tour. It will be a memorable experience for you. In this section, we will try to explore some of the best places in Goa to determine the best place. Hence, you must try to get it right here. 

1. Arjuna Beach 

Arjuna beach is among the most visited places in Goa. It is known for its beautiful beaches, swaying palm trees, and white sand. The beaches are extremely beautiful, and they are always filled with fanfare and joy. 

The way the white waves bask in the sunshine works as a blessing to travelers visiting the beach from far-off places. 

At the north end of the beach are the cliffs where the waves dash into the ocean. There are many beaches worldwide, but Arjuna beach definitely has its own characteristics. So visit the beach once, and we assure you that you are never going to get disheartened, that’s for sure. Therefore try to keep the name on your to-do bucket list in Goa. 

2. Calangute Beach 

Goa is blessed with great beaches, and this is why people from the west come here to meditate and pass their time under the sun. For instance, you are a Criminal Defense Lawyer, and you want to have your own firm. 

You might be drenched after a long battle. The trials in court are highly strenuous, and they take away your all from the body. Why don’t you plan a holiday trip to Goa? 

They are indeed great, and the golden sunlight soaks up all your stress and anxiety that accumulated like an iceberg in your heart and soul. Goa is calling you; listen to the call and be blessed. 

3. Dudhsagar Waterfall 

The English translation denotes “cascade of milk” is one of the great places where you can plan some hours of visit. The spectacular glimpse of the waterfall is indeed worth visiting. 

Visit with your loved ones and enjoy the calmness of the place. It will calm your disturbed mind and make you happy. You can also enjoy the nature surrounding the waterfall. You can feel the marriage between the blue and green there. The best way to get there is by entering the Mollem National Park. You can take a van and go nearest to the waterfall. 

The idle time to visit the Dudhsagar waterfall is during the rainy season. You can literally feel the beauty of nature at its peak. So try to get near the park and soak the beauty of nature to the fullest. 

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4. Divers Island 

Divers Island is one of the great places where you can find yourself close to nature and its people. It is a small island where you can visit and spend some fulfilling hours or a day with them. 

You will be amazed by the grandeur of simplicity. Yes, we are discussing the island. The fishing community will make them their own within hours. What you really need to do is be among one them, and the magic of closeness will embrace you for sure. 

The deepest possession that you get there is innate simplicity. The place is definitely beyond the beats and splashes of the party culture, for which Goa is famous worldwide.

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5. Tito’s Nightclub

Tito’s nightclub is one such place where you get great evenings. Go there in the evening; hit the dance floor. You will surely be greeted with the dance, fun, merrimaking, food, and drinks. So let’s enjoy the beauty of the place along with the party and the great fun that you have to enjoy. 

The place is flooded with foreign visitors from across the world. So when you enter the place, try to soak in the fun and merriment and be refreshed. You will surely be one of the happiest people in the world. So try to ensure that you enjoy the dazzling lights and sounds of the place. 

Yes, you can also make new friends there. So Tito’s nightclub is undoubtedly one of the places in Goa where you can have the party culture to the fullest. 

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Closing The Discussion

Other than the ones mentioned, you have a few other places to enjoy. For example, Dona Paula, Chapora Fort. These experiences are completely different compared to the ones described above. Every place in Goa has something different for you to offer. 

They are really special in their own right. Therefore, you can say that Goa is one such place on earth where you can get the simplest of healing touches. Believe us, that’s best for you, as there is nothing as cherishing and soothing as the lightness and happiness that nature offers you.

Goa is full of surprises, and you never know what’s in store for you. Therefore, try your best to get the best for you in Goa.

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