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Which vastu course in Kolkata should you enroll yourself in?

More and more individuals are registering for vastu course in Kolkata. It causes a little confusion between people as to which course is ideal for them.

To clear all these confusions, today we have presented this blog for you. So stay with us till the end to have clarity in this subject. 

How many vastu courses are there?

At Vaastu Mangaal we offer various courses through offline and online modules. The offline vastu course in Kolkata is obvious best for the people of this city. People living at distant places can opt for online or video classes too. 

So coming back to the types of vastu course, at Vaastu Mangaal, we offer the following 3 types of vastu courses-

  1. Basic vastu course- this is the primary vastu course that offers introduction to vastu shastra.  
  2. Expert vastu course- this is the intermediate course that discuss the vastu in more depth.  
  3. Advanced vastu course – this is the ultimate vastu course in Kolkata that can help you become a professional vastuvid yourself. 

Which vastu course is ideal for you?

You first ask yourself this, “how will I utilize the knowledge of vastu shastra after attending the vastu course in Kolkata?

If you want to learn the vastu shastra for knowledge and enhance your personal and professional life then the basic vastu course is for you. Even if you have no prior knowledge of it, you can still enroll into this. 

This will help you do basic vastu of your home and office, along with that of your friends and family. This is ideal for average Indian family homes having bedroom, kitchen, toilet, main gate, living room, dining room, washing machine, water tanks etc. 

You will be able to do furniture placement and color vastu therapy as well. This includes learning basic remedies. 

In case you want to learn vastu shastra in more details along with advanced remedies then the expert vastu course is for you. 

In this vastu packages you will learn the vastu rules for large houses and mansions having extra features like swimming pool, terrace garden, garage, outdoor garden, servant’s quarter, gym, game room, theater, aquarium etc. 

For this course vastuvid thinks it is best if you have some prior knowledge of vastu shastra. Only then you will be able to grasp the details in better ways. 

In case you want to learn vastu shastra in depth then go for the advanced vastu course in Kolkata. This course also acts as the foundation stone for you if you wish to start your career as a professional vastuvid. 

Needless to say, you should have adequate vastu shastra knowledge if you want to learn advanced vastu.  

Right now enrolment is being registered for the basic vastu course. As mentioned already it is ideal for common folks with little to no prior knowledge of vastu shastra. 

To ensure each and every student can learn properly the total number of enrolment has been deliberately kept low. If you are interested in partaking this course, book your slot today itself. 

For further guidance on vastu course in Kolkata you can freely contact vastuvid at Vaastu Mangaal. You can check all the courses offered by us. Visit our website now. Description- if you are not certain as to which vastu course in Kolkata is ideal for you, this blog is here to help you out.