Why Choose Yoga Teacher Training in India?

Struggling to find a decent destination to join yoga teacher training? Well, look no further. Get ready and head to India to join a yoga teacher training. You must be thinking – India? What is so special about enrolling in a yoga teacher training in India? Well, the reasons are numerous. A few are mentioned below to help you acknowledge why India should be on top of your list.


Furthermore, the quality of yoga knowledge that you can have in India is commendable. Any other place can hardly offer you the same. So, let’s see what else India has to offer you when you join a yoga teacher training. Read on.


Reasons to Choose YTT in India


True Yoga Knowledge

Yoga was invented in India and has evolved over the years. Every little element of yoga has its place in everyday life in India. Moreover, there are various books written depicting the true meaning of all the yogic practices that you will learn. 


So, the written documents are there to back up the verbal distribution of knowledge. Hence, nothing is made in the air, rather, everything has a strong base in India. If you want to get true knowledge, you should head to India. 


Close to Nature

In India, especially Rishikesh, you get to live close to nature. There will be mountains, rivers, valleys, caves, and much more. Spending time in nature automatically soothe your senses. Hence, you will get a relaxed and calm mind.


Joining a yoga teacher training in India also gives you chance for nature excursions. You can explore the local areas to learn how people live and prosper in India. 


Different Yoga Forms

The presence of different yoga forms is enough to choose yoga teacher training in India. You get a yoga form that aligns with the goals you have in your mind. For instance, for people wishing to lose weight, there is Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. 


Individuals who want to harness pure energy within can go with Kundalini yoga. Also, there are Yin and Restorative yoga practices to work on your muscles and deeper tendons. 


Diverse Yoga Courses

We understand the need to have the right course for beginners, intermediate, and advanced yoga practitioners. Moreover, we are aware that there is no single one-fit course out there. Hence, you have to choose the right course. 


Keeping that in mind, you can easily go with either 300 or 200 YTT. In case you are an elite yoga practitioner, you get access to a 500 YTT course. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner, you have everything at your disposal. 


Experienced Trainers

In Rishikesh, India, yoga has been an active part of their lives. Therefore, you might meet small kids who practice yoga like masters. From that, you can estimate how well-versed yoga practitioners in India are. Not just that, it is home to millions of yoga practitioners from across the globe.


Thus, you get a perfect blend of experienced and knowledgeable yoga practitioners. You must join a certified course in India to learn from such venerable masters. With that, you can rest assured to have the best yoga learning.




As you can see, India has so much to offer you. It is your duty to choose the right yoga teacher training in India. However, make sure you do your own research before joining a yoga course. It should be registered with the Yoga Alliance. Furthermore, you should ensure that the yoga teacher is the Yoga Alliance certified.


Keeping such smaller details in check will help you have the best yoga experience. You learn how to make yoga a routine. With that, you will become the best yoga practitioner over time.