Studying Abroad

Why do Many Indian Students Prefer Studying Abroad?

India has some of the best universities and educational institutions at par with international standards. Be it Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University, IIT, or the IIM–the pioneering educational institutions in India have created a legacy and heritage in education. However, most students planning for higher education can’t get admission to these leading institutions due to limited intake and filtering. Thus, Indian students looking for quality education have limited opportunities in India. Millions of Indian students are studying in various foreign countries, making India the second-largest source of international students after China. There are many reasons why Indian students choose to go abroad for further studies. This article presents you with all the significant factors Why do many Indian students studying Abroad prefer colleges.

Exposure to a Truly International Student Body

Personal growth along with academic growth is also important, and one major advantage that Indian students going abroad have is exposure to students from dozens of different countries. This broadens the mind and experience level of those who are lucky enough to be exposed to it. It is also a very important long-term asset.

Of course, having a strong network across the world will also help you get ahead in your chosen career. Whether you work for someone else, for yourself, or are engaged in research, you will always be able to use the power of your connections to do things that others who have been stuck in their own country for their education will not be able to do. This is one of the main reasons why many Indian students studying Abroad prefer colleges.

Create Thousands of Unforgettable Memories

Studying abroad has been the right career move for thousands of Indian students over the years. Additionally, it is the perfect mix of exposure, fun, opportunity, and learning. By grabbing this opportunity, they will make memories that they will never forget. They can explore the surroundings of the host country while studying and get international exposure. This is one of the reasons why Indians choose to study abroad.

Wide Range of Courses to Choose from

The Indian curriculum is often fed off the belief that traditional courses are the best choices to build a safe career. All the top-ranking universities and institutes in India mainly focus on general and conventional courses like engineering, technology, science, management, and mathematics. Students who wish to enhance their knowledge in any stream of this broad subject would be disappointed since Indian education conditions are very limited in that sense.

This is one of the significant reasons why Indian students go abroad to study. Leading universities abroad offer a wide range of courses for students to choose from. If a student wishes to study an art and design course like filmmaking or hairstyling, their best chance is to go abroad and enroll in any international university. You can find various diploma courses in some unaccredited institutions, for sure. However, students who are passionate about the course would choose the better option abroad. International qualifications will help the students make a much more attractive Curriculum Vitae. This is indeed a positive reason why Indian students go abroad to study.

Better Career, Better Salary

An internationally recognized qualification can easily fetch you the best career opportunity possible. Students believe it is wiser to go for a degree abroad since the same degree can boost their career when done in an international university, and can grow their career more than when it is done in India. The international degree you hold presents naturally an additional skill set you possess.

Employers value candidates who have international experience or education. For most recruiters, a global perspective is an essential skill to have. It’s also a respectable achievement to have gone through the effort to pursue an accredited university degree abroad – it tells employers that you’re a flexible, adaptable, and creative person that they would like on their team, For the same reasons, a job applicant who holds an international degree can draw a more attractive salary than their peers.

The Ambition of Immigration

Most Indian students choose abroad for studies to build a prosperous future there. According to a recent report, about 80% of the students who complete graduation abroad choose to stay back and settle down abroad. High standard of living, healthcare facilities, and career prospects encourage the students to call first-world nations their home.

Since it is difficult for an Indian graduate to immigrate easily, most of them study in foreign universities as the first step towards their big dream. Countries like Canada and the United Kingdom provide 1-2 years stay-back options on students’ visas, which is why Indian students go abroad to study. This stay-back period is used as an opportunity to search for a job. Most students manage to get placed in respected firms and settle down there. This is the easier way than attempting to enter a foreign country after graduating and working in India.