Dental Care In Turkey

Why is Dental Treatment very Affordable in Turkey?

Dental care is an important aspect of general well-being, so it’s not unnatural to consider a local or foreign destination that offers this care for a cheap price. Since we need dental care throughout our lifetime and age is not a determining factor, knowing that you can get it at a good cost is not bad either. A good place to start is Turkey. Yes, the best dental tourism is in Turkey, and it’s because of these reasons.

Living costs are low

The cost of living in Turkey is much lower compared to living in the UK. Statistically, it is 60 percent lesser. Since living costs are less, getting dental care is also on the low. Despite the status of a middle-income country, Turkey surpasses most developed countries, even the US, in providing a low cost of living for citizens and residents.

It’s noteworthy to mention that this should not be mistaken for an economic boost in Turkey. There is a free-market economy operating in Turkey yet so much currency manipulation exists.

Weak currency

Lower interest rates translate to cheaper borrowing and an economic boost in the country, yet foreign investors may develop cold feet because of this.

In the position of a foreigner, taking back profits to your country of origin will cause your expenses to be more when trying to equate it to a unit of your local currency. However, Turkish people have more savings because of low-interest rates. This implies that they have higher purchasing power, yet the services they need to pay for are low-cost.

This is the reason already existing investors in Turkey may be happy like the locals when there are lower interest rates. A higher amount of money in the pockets will trigger more spending. Consequently, people can conveniently afford primary dental care which is usually ruled out when money is scarce.

Overhead costs are low

Another advantage of low-interest rates is business expansion due to access to cheap funds. With this, dentists, for example, can now have better-equipped clinics and afford to render a range of services.

What this means is that if a practice before now could only offer dental restorations, they can bring in dental surgeons seamlessly.

And as for labour costs in Turkey, note that this is reduced compared to other countries in Europe, and this is a good attraction for foreign investment despite the weak Turkish currency. Besides, labour aids production greatly, and if a business doesn’t spend much on hires, its general running cost reduces.

Having understood these, you can now see why Turkey charges less for premium quality dental services.

Training cost and service quality

Granted, dental care in Turkey is of great quality and opportunities for training abound. Besides, medical personnel training in Turkey is lower than in the UK and other countries. Practically, a Turkey medical graduate would have spent between £12,000 to £21,000, while the same graduate in the UK would spend between £30,000 to £49,000.

Here’s the catch. Both patients and those practising medicine are comfortable within the medical setting in Turkey. This means you have nothing to be afraid of in getting medical services in Turkey. This is why those planning tourism to Turkey can throw in some dental treatment like New Teeth Clinic Turkey or medical care simultaneously.

Medical tourism in Turkey

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) ranks Turkey on the top list of countries known for the finest medical tourism. From MTA’s ranking of 2020/21, Turkey occupies the 23rd position on the list of 46 best medical tourism countries.

But what is medical tourism? It involves leaving the shores of a country to get A-rated medical services abroad. In today’s world, medical tourism is no longer a matter of residing in a developing country, as even those in developed countries are reaching forth to get high-quality medical care outside their nation. The common consideration is usually modest-cost advanced medical care.

A lot of reasons abound why Turkey should be your choice place for medical services. First, where Turkey is located geographically allows for seamless air, sea or road travel.

It might interest you to know that Turkey sits at the border of 8 popular countries and 4 seas. Some of these countries are Asian or European. This is why you would really enjoy a good vacation should you give Turkey the tick for your tourist destination.

The next best thing you would love about Turkey is its multicultural feature and the freedom to express oneself and associate. Yes, Turkey shares a border with Iraq and Iran yet allows people to dress how they deem fit and, at the same time, encourages adherence to the traditional dress sense.

And lastly, Turkey is a member of NATO and the global G-20 so why don’t you plan a visit today and enjoy all the best this country has to offer.

Should you be interested in any dental treatment while on vacation in Turkey, the doors of the New Teeth Clinic Turkey are wide open for you to come in. We offer a range of patient-focused, premium dental care at moderate cost to all locals and foreigners. Our super dedicated dental team is greatly concerned about your well-being and ready to meet your needs with highly advanced methods and technology. We won’t be wrong if we say you are welcome to Turkey, but most welcome to our clinic as all that you need for comfortable medical tourism is presently waiting for your arrival.