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Why is There a Red Light on My Netgear Extender?

Having a Netgear range extender installed in the house seems exciting until it does not make you land in any trouble. Well, being a technical device, it can become a victim of several issues. One of them is the red light issue. If you’re also wondering why is there a red light on your Netgear extender even after properly configuring it via the mywifiext setup process, then this write-up is specially jotted down for you. Here, you’ll not only become acquainted with the reasons forcing your Netgear extender to flash red but also learn techniques to do away with the same problem. Thus, don’t stop reading.

Fixed: Red Light on Netgear Extender

Turn It Off and On

Sometimes, the red light on the Netgear range extender makes its appearance due to a minor technical glitch. How can we forget the fact that the Netgear extender belongs to the digital realm where the occurrence of technical glitches is like just another day? But, resolving the technical glitch is much simpler than you think. Just turn off your Netgear device and turn it on back. But, do not forget to maintain a time gap between the powering down and up of your range extender. If you’re not seeing the red light on your extender after this practice, then you’re lucky. If the red light is still paining your eyes, the next hack is ready to assist you.

Use Another Power Source

Will you be able to work well if you don’t eat properly? You would have answered the question in no. Well, the same is the scenario with your Netgear range extender. It might be showing the color red because it is not receiving the required amount of electricity from the power source. Let’s check it. So, unplug the extender and check if the power socket currently in use is capable of providing sufficient electricity. On the off chance, it is found faulty, then the time to get it repaired has come. Go for the easiest lane and make use of another power source to turn on your range extender.

Get Your Extender Updated

When was the last time you accessed the login window? Not after installing the extender? Then there is a possibility that you haven’t updated your range extender since installation. If that’s a yes we see, then get the extender updated as soon as possible. For this, do the extender login using the required information. The moment you find yourself on the Netgear dashboard, locate Management > Firmware Update and hit Check for Updates. If you see newer firmware available, start following what the screen commands. This will probably help you do away with the red light on your Netgear range extender.

Cool Down Your Netgear Extender

It seems that your Netgear extender is sitting in a room with high temperatures. Is it? What are the objects located near it? Is it placed near a house furnace? Or you’ve exposed it to direct sunlight? If any of these questions have received a vote, then the red light on your range extender is an indication that you have to relocate it. Placing the extender in hotter environments not only affects the propagation of WiFi signals but also degrades the extender’s efficiency. Consider placing your WiFi device in a room deprived of signal interference devices and ensure that the room is properly ventilated.

Reduce the Netgear Extender-Router Distance

The distance between your Netgear range extender and the host router can also be the reason behind the foul play of the appearance of the red light on the extender. Thus, you have to make sure that this distance is not inappropriate. Both devices are supposed to share the same room but must not be kept so close that you struggle with another extender-related issue due to a clash of their signals.

In Closing

That’s all you can do if there is a red light on your Netgear extender. However, if you are impatient and want things to happen instantly, performing Netgear extender setup via is always available. All you have to do is push the button named Reset on your range extender prior to that.

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