Verizon email not working toda

Why is Verizon email not working? Solutions to know

What to do if Verizon email not working? Is your Verizon email service not functioning well? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Read this blog to know the solutions:

Verizon email issues are problematic and can happen anytime. These are mostly caused because of connectivity issues, browser cache, and password resetting problems. Here’s a list of solutions that you can quickly try to get rid of the Verizon email problems.

How to resolve the issue if the Verizon email not working?

Here are solutions that one can try to fix the email problems of Verizon:

1. Fixing the internet connection issues

If you want to restore your Verizon email then make sure to verify and check that the internet is working fine.  A robust internet is crucial for the proper functioning of the Verizon email account. So, check all the connections and ensure that your device is having proper internet to connect with the mail system.

2. Clearing of the web browser

If you are trying to open the Verizon email on the web browser then it should be optimized first. For uninterrupted functioning of the email service, make sure that there are no cookies or history on the browser. The simple thing that you can do is clear the browsing history and junk files to fix the email-related issues.

3. Remove the add-ons or firewall

Many times, users install set up antivirus or firewalls to protect their system. But, the security programs can disturb the working of the Verizon email. If you are not able to log in to your Verizon email service then you should try disabling the firewall or add-ons. Some Verizon email settings can also be a reason for this issue. So, it would be better to disable third-party apps or software.

4. Look if Verizon’s server is down

A technical glitch related to emails can occur if there is a server problem.  But, you cannot do anything for it as it will get resolved all by itself. This server-related problem will get fixed by itself within a few hours. Try to access your Verizon email account after a few hours to log in again. If there is any Verizon email not working today, wait for a few hours to get it solved.

5. Check the Verizon email setting

Another solution that you can try is checking the email setting of the Verizon account. For this, you need to set up Outlook to correct Verizon email settings. IMAP, POP or SMTP settings need to be set up precisely to fix the email error. After making the changes in the settings, try to log in and restore your Verizon email account.

What to do if Verizon is not working on the iPhone device?

On iPhone devices, users can access the Verizon account but some technical issues can prevent you from accessing it. Here’s what a user can try to solve the Verizon email issue on iPhone:

  • First of all, download Chrome on your iPhone device. After opening it, tap on the three vertical dots from the upper right-hand side of the window.
  • Here, you will have to go to settings and then select from the options. Now, go to the left panel under the settings tab and then click on the ‘Privacy and Security’ option.
  • Here, you will have to select the option of ‘clear browsing history’.
  • Choose a time range and then tap on the ‘clear data’.


The issues of Verizon email not working can occur due to several reasons such as the internet or browser’s history. Here, you can see all the crucial solutions that can help in solving Verizon email problems.