Why You Should Get Yoga Alliance Certification?

Yoga Alliance is one of the most renowned organizations in contemporary times. It has been known in the yoga world for distributing genuine yoga knowledge. Hence, every year, thousands of yoga practitioners diligently practice yoga to earn Yoga Alliance certification. 


So, if you think about what the need to earn Yoga Alliance certification is, you should get through the following points. Perhaps, you see the true significance of having this certification in your arsenal. Without beating the bush, let’s roll further. 


Reasons to Earn Yoga Alliance Certification


Worldwide Teaching 

The Yoga Alliance certification gives you worldwide accessibility to preach and teach yoga. For instance, if you earn Yoga Alliance certification in Rishikesh, you can become a certified yoga instructor across the globe.  It means you don’t have to earn a new yoga certification.


Rather, only the Yoga Alliance certification will do the required job. It is going to save your time, effort, and money. With the right certification, you get worldwide access to yoga teaching.


Certified Faculty

You should learn from a person who is certified and well-versed in yoga practice. That is only possible when you learn from the Yoga Alliance certified staff. Yoga Alliance certified faculty has the complete knowledge and experience to preach yoga.


Therefore, they know how to train a beginner or an intermediate yoga practitioner. Hence, you can rest assured to have the right techniques to master yoga.


Mastering a Yoga Form

Another major reason why you should earn Yoga Alliance certification is that you get a chance to master yoga forms. First of all, you get different yoga forms to choose from. When you have the basic idea of each form, you get to master the one you like.


Not just that, you get a deep insight into the chosen yoga form. Hence, you can become a dignified yoga master once your training is over. 


Become Yoga Alliance Member

Earning a Yoga Alliance certification makes you a member of the Yoga Alliance. It gives you access to various perks and discounts that are only limited to the Yoga Alliance members. For instance, you get discounts when you fly on a plane.


Moreover, you even get discount cards when you buy yoga merchandise. You get to save a lot of bucks even while referring others to become a member. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity of harnessing so many benefits by earning a certification.


Genuine Client List

The yoga world is no exception to staying away from frauds and scams. Many yoga teachers preach without proper certification. Similarly, many yoga practitioners just want to pass time. In each case, genuine clients and instructors suffer.


To ensure you don’t have to go through the same, the Yoga Alliance circulates a list of genuine clients. They are given to certified yoga trainers. It is done to ensure the right learners meet the right trainers. Hence, it is an all-win-win situation.


Become Yoga Instructor

The quest to become a certified yoga instructor is taken by thousands every year. However, only a few reach their ultimate goal. What do you think differentiates the successful ones from the strugglers? Well, the Yoga Alliance certification is the deciding factor.


People who enroll and complete the Yoga Alliance certification have higher chances of earning their destinations. Otherwise, you might stay put where you started even after years of aimless practice.


Me Time Retreats

One of the major reasons people drop from yoga teacher training is because the sessions are boring. We understand these things as beginners need continuous motivation. That is where the Yoga Alliance again wins the stage.


How? Well, you get plenty of yoga retreats to head to. These are inculcated to free the mind, become one with nature, and enjoy me time. In short, you can have fun while being an enrollee in a yoga teacher training course. You can even go to a yoga retreat in India to live in the spiritual abyss in Rishikesh. 




Yoga might seem overwhelming and intimidating when you first step into it. However, with the right guidance, things come easy to you. That is why you should seek guidance only with the Yoga Alliance certification course.


After the course completion, you can avail yourself of all the benefits and perks mentioned above. In short, you are going to have the best yoga experience in your life.